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Electronic accessories, especially appearance parts, not only meet the high accuracy requirements of structural and functional requirements, but also have very high requirements for appearance. It is often required that the surface of the product is free of any knife marks before oxidation, and the color requirements for surface treatment such as oxidation or painting are also very high.

Elimold adopts high-quality cutting tools by optimizing the machining process, customizing special fixtures and fixtures, Strictly control the surface finish, provide customers with satisfactory solutions, and win the recognition of many electronic product manufacturers at home and abroad. Products are widely used in cameras, tape recorders, computers, mobile phones, watches, game consoles, televisions, electronic cigarettes and so on.

We have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, AS9100D aviation quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and a number of NADCAP special process certification, fulfilling every expectation of customers with high quality.

Electronics Manufacturing Solutions

Various electronic devices are integrated into our daily life. Their capabilities vary, but they all rely on lightweight, durable, easy-to-use packaging and enclosure solutions, and are designed to rapidly transition from prototype to mass production in response to rapidly changing market conditions.

Elimold offers a variety of manufacturing services to meet the requirements of the electronics industry. We offer Die Casting, CNC Machining, Polyurethane Vacuum Casting and Plastic Injection Molding (including micro-molding) to manufacture electronic device enclosures or accessories in a variety of materials and surface finishes.

Development speed and well-designed, user-centric end products are critical to the success of companies that introduce consumer and computer electronics and devices to different markets. Technology-enabled manufacturing processes can speed up design cycles, reduce development costs, and help support more SKUs and product customizations that consumers demand now. From airplanes to cars to hospitals, electronics are almost everywhere, providing value through advanced functionality and improved user experience.

Manufacturing Capacity

After continuous development, Elimold has become an industry benchmark in precision machining, surface treatment and assembly of electronic products, and can produce all kinds of complex parts in the field of electronic products. We reserve enough capacity to meet the flexible needs of customers.
Elimold can meet various needs of customers for prototype construction, small batch trial production and mass production. Our market is mainly focused on processing and assembly for high complexity and high precision requirements. Through the perfect ERP / MES system, we manage customers’ needs from prediction to delivery to ensure that products can be produced as planned and delivered on time. It also provides the demand for emergency response in a short time according to customer needs. ERP / MES system also helps to support our lean production environment plan to ensure the competitiveness of product prices.

  • CNC Machining Service
  • CNC Milling Service
  • CNC Turning Service
  • Injection Molding Service
  • Insert Molding Service
  • Overmolding Service
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Service
  • Waterjet Cutting Service
  • Laser Cutting Service
  • Plasma Cutting Service
  • Binder Jetting
  • Carbon DLS
  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • HP Multi Jet Fusion
  • Polyjet
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Urethane Casting Service

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We have many years of experience in electronic product parts manufacturing, skilled employees and cutting-edge equipment to provide customers with profound professional knowledge and effective solutions. We have precision machining, sheet metal manufacturing, a variety of surface finish processes, assembly processes and a full set of testing services to ensure product quality. Providing one-stop service enables us to ensure the competitiveness of product price, timely delivery and high quality.

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