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Agriculture 3D Printing

3D printing agricultural and industrial machinery parts helps make professional equipment manufacturing faster and more economical. Therefore, if you have the design of a part, we will improve it and print it in 3D.

Application of 3D printing in agriculture

Technology plays an important role in agriculture as it streamlines processes such as food production, transportation, marketing, and more. As a result, 3D printing applications are emerging across the industry to optimize existing workflows. We’re seeing improvements in structural operations, equipment replacement parts, and the everyday tools and fixtures farmers need. 3D printed tools are often used to grow crops because they can exponentially improve the process by increasing efficiency and customization. These tools can produce quickly, efficiently and remotely, bringing benefits to all parties, including saving energy and money.

We help you complete your project

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Technical documentation

We make sure that our customers have access to all relevant information about the development of our products. That’s why we provide written and visual information about the design, features, function and performance of each 3D printed part, among other specifications.


Thanks to our 3D printer we can customize a wide variety of parts and products to adapt to the specific needs of each client. From prototypes to final parts, 3D printing technology allows you to design custom solutions and print them exactly how you want them.

High quality 3D printing

We can select various 3D designs and control the voxels during the printing process so that the result is achieved with a high level of detail and even an optimal level of detail. Thanks to this, our 3D printed products materialize with exceptional quality, even when it comes to complex details.

Prototype agricultural parts with Elimold

With our simple ordering process, you get fast results that are critical to achieving your agricultural manufacturing goals. By partnering with us, your prototyping projects and experiments will be completed faster and more efficiently than before. You can then finalize your product and launch it into the market to gain an edge over your competitors.
As a farmer, agricultural professional or educator, you can receive exactly the parts you need in the shortest possible time without waiting for long shipping times or production delays. For replacement or repair parts, 3D printing has become the first choice.

Agriculture 3D Printing

Our engineering capabilities

Engineers can tackle agricultural challenges at every stage of the development process: from concept and proposal development to validation and production:

  1. Use the same 3D model for concept development, design automation, simulation and communication as well as prototyping and product manufacturing.
  2. Accelerate system development by using modular design, system prefabrication, and design reuse, automation, and configuration concepts.
  3. Analyze components to see if they are functioning properly; for example, will parts crack, fatigue, deflect, or vibrate excessively?

More solutions

3D solutions enable you to develop and produce better agricultural machinery in less time and at lower cost, outperforming your competitors:

  1. Technology that accelerates machine design by providing specialized tools to automatically develop weldments, sheet metal parts, and electrical and plumbing routes.
  2. Innovate your agricultural machinery and product development processes by finding, reusing and reconfiguring existing designs while collaborating with strategic partners.
  3. Prototype with metal 3D printers and streamline your manufacturing with knowledge-based machining. Elimold’s solutions give your team the skills they need to design and build agricultural machinery and collaborate with other departments.

3D printing materials

  • Nylon SLS PA 2200
  • TPU SLS 86A
  • Nylon MJF PA 12
  • Nylon MJF PA 11
  • Nylon MJF PA 12 GlassBead
  • SLA High Temp TS
  • SLA Imagine Black
  • SLA Proto Plus
  • SLA Smooth GP
  • SLA Tough Plus
  • SLA Tough Resin Green
  • SLA Transparent Plus
  • SLA WaterTight Proto
  • SLM Aluminum AlSi10Mg
  • SLM Stainless Steel 17-4
  • SLM Stainless Steel 316L

3D printing surface finishes

Choose the surface finish for your parts when uploading your files

  • Raw
    • Is the default surface finish right out of the printer after all the excess power has been removed by our PowerShot C.
  • Polished
    • Is the part being tumbled in our PowerShot S and then manually shot-peened, this provides a smooth finish to your part.
  • Vapor Polished
    • Is the process of smoothing the surface of 3D Printed parts using our PostPro3D machine. The results give your parts the look of professionally made injection molded parts.

What is the 3D printing of components for agriculture and industry?

The 3D printing of parts for professional equipment for agriculture and industry is essential for the sector to adapt to its present situation with a view to the future.
To adapt to the growing demands of machinery in the sector, we use additive manufacturing technology to create parts from digital designs. Now, we not only use 3D printing in our manufacturing processes for air equipment parts, but we also offer it for you to use for your own projects.
In other words, if you have a test piece, a prototype or an idea, you can provide it to us and at Elimold we will take care of validating the design, printing it in 3D and making the desired customizations.

Benefits of 3D printing for agriculture

Mass customization

Agriculture and technology have a lot in common. For food production, agricultural equipment, agricultural products, 3D printing can be a huge asset and streamline many processes. 3D printing is the perfect tool for mass customization. In fact, this technology is ideal for creating customized objects for many different fields, such as medical or automotive.
This mass customization aspect is also a big advantage for agriculture. For example, having access to 3D printing tools is particularly convenient. And the tools can then be adapted to the activity and its actual specific use. Using additive manufacturing is a great way to create perfectly designed objects.

Useful for both prototyping and production

3D printing technology can be used for prototyping and production. 3D printing is the easiest way to implement the prototyping process and is also becoming an amazing production technology for a variety of projects, as new corrosion-resistant 3D printing materials are now available on the market. The biggest advantage of 3D printing is that farmers or agricultural equipment manufacturers can truly print equipment on demand. Particularly useful for printing equipment in remote areas. And plastic and metal 3D printing can be used in agricultural projects.

Innovative agricultural machinery application

Farm equipment is large, complex and expensive. As a result, replacement parts can quickly become expensive; especially when the machine has become obsolete and replacement parts are no longer available or difficult to find. By leveraging 3D printing solutions, these replacement parts can be produced quickly to reduce downtime, which is important since agricultural applications often depend on changes in weather and how crops are processed to proceed as planned. From tractors and harvesters to planters and fertilizer spreaders, these machines are also an important part of food production. 3D printing solutions for agriculture are innovating across multiple facets of the industry by increasing cost savings and productivity while reducing lead times.

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