Automotive injection molding

Elimold provides cost effective, high-precision automotive injection molding and close tolerance plastic part manufacturing that complies with SAE standards for (OEM) companies and Tier I automotive industry suppliers.
The automotive industry is one of the most competitive sectors in the world today and require injection molded plastic parts to meet the constant demand for higher quality. Elimold’ team has the experience and capability to handle toughest design, tooling and molding challenges.

High Precision Injection Molding for critical applications in the automotive industry

With our long experience in engineering precision polymer components for critical applications in the automotive industry, we are your partner in finding solutions to your problems: Engineering is in our DNA – we do not rest until we found a way to solve your problem.

We support you in co-designing polymer components that match your application’s requirements on lowest leakage, low friction, high speed and precise fit. Our materials experts will find the right material. Our construction engineers create indiviual plans for the high precision tools that are essential for our precision injection molding production. We are able to produce high volumes of your product. Zero ppm is not only our promise, it is our target for all components we create.

We keep the complete production process in our hands for a good reason: we claim for perfection and this is why our engineering teams of design, material, construction, tooling and testing are working very closely together to maintain short reaction times and to be able to change specifications agile. Remember: we don’t rest until it’s done.

The automotive market is always on the move to find new materials and solutions to accelerate technical innovations, meet new environmental and safety legislation, and satisfy emerging customer needs. With the transformation of the automotive industry towards electric vehicles, we are at the front in developping the most critical components for the changeing requirements in precise high volumes.

Plastic Injection Molding In Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is going through radical changes when it comes to designing and manufacturing techniques. Various assembled parts and other components are being made from injection moulded plastics for better performance and enhanced durability.

Automobile engines and interior parts assembly require thermoplastic components and resins for better performance. The flexible and adaptable nature of injection molded parts makes them ideal for manufacturing parts or even complete devices for the automotive industry.

Be it insert molding, micro moulding or over molding; the parts derived from these techniques are vibrant and versatile in nature. Thus they can be efficiently used for making components as per the dimensional specifications of the particular automobile device.

All the automotive parts we can produce through plastic molding

  • Exterior plastic Automotive Components
    (Louvers, Paneling and Railing, Bumper Support, Fender, Mud Guards, Door Locking Systems)
  • Interior Automotive Molded Systems
    (IP, Consoles, Garnish Pillars, Entertainment, Audio/Video, Braking, Seating and Storage Systems)
  • Interior Wrapping for Automotive Applications
    (Console Lids, Shifter Knobs, and Steering Wheels)
  • Interior Auto Trim
    (Seating, Door Panel Inserts, Gear Shift, and Parking Brake Boots
  • Under the Hood Plastic Components
    (Fan Shroud and Cooling Systems, Resonators, Fuel Tank Systems, and Electrical Covers)
  • Decorative Automotive Plastic Components
    (Nameplates, Interior /Exterior Trim, Bezels, Knobs, Skull Caps)

Customize Your Injection Automotive Parts by Full Processes

The molding process is detailed, and every part and mold design is conducted with attention being paid to quality and functionality. This is important since car parts have to be at their very best to ensure safety at all times.

We turn every idea into a reality through our reliable prototyping capabilities. Innovation is at the core of our company, and no matter how complicated the design may be, we are your best chance of bringing it to life.

We have the best machinery and manufacturing technology that churns out the best molds you will find in the market. Quality is as important as performance, and for that reason, we seek to strike a balance between the two.

All your needs can be handled with our injection molding process. The products we make are the exact measurements by weight and length with minimal room for error. We understand the need for parts that fit perfectly.

Why choose Elimold for your automotive parts

Elimold has provided automotive plastic injection molding service for primary and secondary car manufacturers. We supply a large variety of automotive plastic parts, these parts have been developed into many different specifications according to industry standards. We can provide our clients the most economical prices and appropriately meets the client’s budget constraints.

We have managed hundreds of mold design and construction and launched successful projects for the world’s largest automotive company. The first thing we have to do is to help our customers keep their vehicle launch programs on schedule, and we always provide parts within the promised time frame. From mold designing to automotive parts manufacturing, Holly Plastic is your best partner.

Are You Looking For A China Automotive Plastic Injection Molding Company?

We proudly service aftermarket automotive production clients while furnishing parts for OEM outfits. Contact Elimold today to learn we can provide a valuable service to your automotive plastic operation as a leading injection molding company.