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Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication

Elimold provides automakers with the custom metal and chassis parts they need to build their vehicles. We offer custom chassis fabrication, custom chassis fabrication, automotive metal fabrication, automotive component fabrication and aluminum body fabrication services.

Are you an automotive business looking for a subcontracted sheet metal fabricator?

As a leading automotive sheet metal manufacturer, Elimold has extensive experience in automotive industry manufacturing. Our factory can supply various components in large quantities.
We are a subcontract supplier to global automotive parts manufacturers, supplying them with a wide range of components, body panels, tow bars and fan covers. Automotive quality standards are the most stringent and every product we manufacture for the industry undergoes the highest quality inspections.
We’re ready to go from small batch prototypes to high-volume production orders. Auto parts manufacturing starts with design. Each item is carefully designed and thought out to produce the best possible results. The end result is a high-quality, performance-enhanced component manufactured by some of the top engineers in our metal fabrication field.

Automotive metal parts manufacturing capabilities

Our advanced equipment, professional technology and strict TS16949 quality standards can ensure that the sheet metal parts we produce meet our customers’ designs and even exceed their expectations. We use materials as thin as 0.003″ with internal feature tolerances within ±0.001″. Our presses range in tonnage from 35 to 600 tons, with a maximum bed size of 144″ x 60″ and a maximum roll width of 50″. This allows us to fabricate sheet metal up to 1/4 inch thick. We have multiple metal stamping machines as well as turret presses to fill large orders quickly without compromising the quality of the product you receive.
We design and manufacture precision molds in-house to meet strict design quality requirements and reduce turnaround time. Small modifications to the mold can be done quickly in-house.
The automotive industry has a high demand for sheet metal materials. We take the selection of materials very seriously, ensuring that the materials comply with the drawings, and conduct strict inspections of chemical composition and mechanical property testing. We can handle cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, SECC, SGCC, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and other special materials if customers need.

Automotive sheet metal manufacturing process

  • Laser cutting process: 2D laser manufacturing is usually used for the cutting of sheet metal parts and has the advantages of fast speed and high precision. 3D lasers are highly flexible and are particularly suitable for cutting small quantities of 3D metal sheets.
  • Stamping: For drawing and forming of 3D curved metal sheets
  • CNC machining: Through digital programming, products can be cleaned and CNC machined
  • CNC bending: CNC bending machines use the provided molds to bend cold metal sheets into various geometric cross-sectional shapes
Automotive sheet metal fabrication parts
Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication part

Manufacturing process

Elimold executes the manufacturing process according to your application. If the car part is used as a seat, door panel or body panel, we can provide custom manufacturing. The step-by-step process begins with:

  • Cutting: We use many advanced cutting tools during this process.
  • Forming and Bending: It can create U-bends, V-bends and custom bends to match automotive projects.
  • Bonding: In the bonding process, metal sheets are joined together through riveting, welding, adhesives and brazing.
  • Finishing: After the metal sheets have been cut, bent and joined into the desired shape, the next step is the finishing process. Every surface is screen printed, painted and powder coated, and custom finished.

Features of Car Sheet Metal

Heat Resistant

Each component has an excellent heat resistance and further outstanding properties. They don’t corrode, stain, or break easily.

High Precision

We provide accurate fabrication services for your car sheet metal. They have high-precision designs and properties.

Low Cost

We offer our services for your car sheet metal at a low price. We ensure better quality yet reasonable models.

Less Maintenance

All our car sheet metal components have less maintenance. They are also easy to install and easily repairable.

Automotive sheet metal materials

Elimold provides you with customized car manufacturing, chassis manufacturing and other services. We invest in affordable and efficient machines and systems to manufacture reliable automotive parts. Our company produces every component of the highest quality. We will use whatever materials you need to manufacture the parts or systems you need. Our materials include:

  • Aluminum: Manufacturers use aluminum for visible parts and details because of its attractive appearance and light weight. Companies can also easily form alloys with aluminum and other metals to create stronger or more durable varieties.
  • Copper: This metal is corrosion-resistant, malleable, has a beautiful surface, and is affordable. For environmentally conscious customers, companies can also choose copper; the metal is easy to recycle and reuse.
  • Stainless Steel: This metal is resistant to corrosion and rust as it contains at least 11% chromium in its composition. Not only does it offer greater durability, but it also has a glossy, attractive surface.
  • Steel and Steel Alloys: Steel alloys come in many different varieties, such as mild steel, high-strength steel, and specialty steels that can be used to make a variety of durable parts.

High-Grade Metal Finishes For Auto Parts

Some of the metal finishes we have are:

  • Standard: Standard finishing is simple and will show the metal in its raw form.
  • Heat Treating: Heat treating uses heat or cooling to make the metal softer or harder.
  • Powder Coating: Powder coating involves powdered paint sprayed on the products.
  • Wet Paint: Wet paint uses liquid paint by applying pumps or sprays to the components.
  • Custom Finishes: Custom finishes are available for any client. If there are any unique finishes you need, let us know, and we will make it happen.

Applications of Automotive Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication performs various functions in the automotive industry. It is capable of everything from automobile modification and customization to restoring and repairing the exterior body, interior, and undercarriage components of the automobile. The following applications rely on metal fabrication:

  • Body and Frame Fabrication: Body restoration shops and automobile manufacturers rely on metal fabrication for manufacturing and repairing vehicle frames and body components. Fabricators can manufacture panels and formed metal components. They can also provide welding and sheet metal forming to repair and strengthen body and frame components.
  • Exhaust System Fabrication: Metal fabricators can create custom exhaust systems for custom and modified automobiles. Fabricators use forming, bending, and welding to deliver the intended shape. They can also manufacture hangers and brackets to mount the fabricated exhaust system.
  • Custom Component Fabrication: Metal fabrication can create custom vehicle components, such as brackets and mounts, for modification and upgrading automobiles.
  • Suspension System Fabrication: Metal fabricators can manufacture and modify automobile suspension systems. They can fabricate strut towers, sway bars, and control arms to enhance vehicle handling and performance.
  • Roll Cage Fabrication: Metal car part fabrication is a reliable method of creating off-road vehicle and race car roll cages. They protect vehicle occupants during rollovers and require custom fabrication to fit the vehicles and comply with safety requirements.
  • Customization and Restoration: Metal fabrication is ideal for customizing and restoring vintage and classic vehicles. Metal fabricators can create components to replace and repair damaged and rusted panels, create unique components to enhance performance and appearance, and fabricate custom automobile body modifications.
  • Prototype Development: Metal fabrication is essential in the prototyping and development of automobiles. Fabrication facilitates testing of components, parts, and assemblies for effectiveness and feasibility before mass production.

We work with businesses across a variety of industries and have the ability to provide both short- and long-term metal products.

Our team specializes in automotive sheet metal fabrication to create precise automotive parts. If you are engaged in the automotive industry, please choose Elimold as your supplier in China. From low-volume prototyping to high-volume production parts orders, we can meet your needs. Fabricate precision detailed parts using the skills needed to execute any design.