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3D Printing for Consumers Products

Great consumer products differentiate themselves from the competition by delivering a superior customer experience. Our 3D printing services achieve this goal by providing product developers with solutions that simplify supply chains and improve product quality. Whether you’re an established brand or a disruptive startup, we can help your business innovate.

Consumer products differentiate themselves with 3D printing

From proof-of-concept prototypes to high-quality end-use goods, 3D printing can help you gain a critical advantage in a competitive market. Enhance your product development with fast time to market and an incredible range of technologies, materials and finishes to differentiate your products and ensure you are the first to get there. With low-risk investment costs and the freedom to personalize to your own structure or preferences, you can diversify your portfolio to capture a share of emerging markets.
In an industry that is extremely cost-conscious, additive manufacturing is the most profitable manufacturing method. 3D printers provide a cost-effective and rapid manufacturing method to create functional parts when needed. Whether it’s cutting R&D spending on prototypes, helping you assemble without skilled machinists, or reducing costly downtime, deploying 3D printers anywhere creates value. Creating an AM-centric production culture in your organization increases responsiveness and agility and enables you to grow revenue while controlling expenses.

3D printing solutions for consumer goods

Complete solution portfolio

Our hardware, software, materials, post-processing and manufacturing operating system (MOS) solutions deliver unprecedented speed, quality, design flexibility, economics and product reliability. The most comprehensive suite of additive manufacturing solutions for plastic and metal 3D printing.

Production grade materials

Our 3D printing materials meet the broadest range of applications and performance characteristics in additive manufacturing, delivering a range of capabilities critical to the prototyping and production of consumer technology products. Our diverse product portfolio includes photopolymers with long-term stability and mechanical properties similar to those produced by thermoplastics, heat-resistant materials, biocompatible materials for prolonged skin contact and chemical resistance, as well as materials for Elastomers for wearable devices.

application development

Through our Applied Innovation team, we leverage years of consumer technology and additive manufacturing expertise to help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with optimized 3D printing solutions. We provide you with application support from advanced concept development to bridge production and mass customization.

World-class service support

Elimold’s experts enable you to improve your operations quickly and efficiently. To minimize production cycle times and keep your team running efficiently, our world-class services organization is equipped with on-call experts, engineering services, preventive planning and optimized equipment to meet your production business needs. Achieve efficient operation of the project.

Industrial 3D printing services for the consumer goods industry

If you plan to quickly prototype a new consumer product, 3D printing is the way to go. This technology will significantly reduce your time to market by refining your product through more prototype iterations. With additive manufacturing, you can easily expand your product portfolio by testing different materials, geometries, and features. This way of creating new items offers low-risk investment, reduced delivery times, limited logistics costs and unlimited freedom of personalization. With industrial 3D printers, rapid prototyping has never been easier and more affordable. The importance of testing variants and implementing new products is a key success factor in the customer merchandise segment. Rapid prototyping allows you to get immediate feedback and check how your product will perform in a real-world environment, limiting the time and money spent on market research. In other words, additive manufacturing increases the chances of successful implementation of new products and reduces the risk of market failure and marketing missteps.
At Elimold, we design and create modern solutions that shape industries. With extensive experience in the global 3D market, we fully understand the needs of our customers from diverse backgrounds. We don’t just offer products, but focus on the entire process of creating new objects out of thermoplastics. We cover every stage of the journey, providing customers with a wide range of filaments, true industrial 3D printers, premium filament storage options, compatible software and the in-depth knowledge of our engineers. Our equipment delivers consistency, security and high performance. Flagship industrial 3D printers offer exceptional flexibility and the potential to use different sets of consumables.

Key applications

Rapid Prototyping

Bring ideas to life using unique materials and various designs to test and present custom solutions.


Ensure a perfect fit before approving final injection molds for mass production.

End-Use Parts

 Quickly print commercial-grade parts with precision and repeatability.

3D printing in the consumer goods industry

Why use 3D printing for consumer goods design?

  • Prototypes are produced in hours rather than days, speeding up product design/improvement cycles and reducing lead times significantly
  • Reduce the risk of intellectual property theft by developing everything in-house
  • Free the imaginations of designers and manufacturers by empowering them to visualise it, then make it
  • Remove complexity from workflows by producing full-scale prototypes straight from CAD designs, allowing hands-on customer insights
  • Craft products around specific consumer wants and needs by keeping the design-to-production process lean.

Improve innovation and efficiency

Consumer product development requires innovation, agility and speed to bring ideas to market. Our industry-leading solutions enable businesses to streamline product development cycles, accelerate time to market and deliver superior consumer experiences. By incorporating the latest advances in 3D printing technology, benefits can be provided:

  • Optimize design iterations: With 3D printing, you can quickly iterate and refine product designs, resulting in rapid proof of concept and faster design improvements. This iterative approach reduces the time and costs associated with traditional manufacturing methods.
  • Achieve complex geometries: Consumer products often require complex and unconventional designs. Our 3D printing technology is capable of creating complex geometric shapes, allowing designers to push boundaries and unleash their creativity to create unique and eye-catching products.
  • Customized and Personalized Products: 3D printing enables businesses to offer customizable and personalized consumer products. From custom phone cases to custom home décor, our solutions enable companies to meet personal preferences and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Reduce time to market: Using 3D printing for rapid prototyping can significantly reduce the time it takes to turn an idea into a market-ready product. By leveraging our consumer product 3D printing solutions, you can gain a competitive advantage by being first to market with innovative products and capitalizing on emerging trends and consumer needs.

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