Petroleum And Natural Gas injection molding

Plastic injection moulding plays a pivotal role in revolutionising the Oil & Gas industry by providing cost-effective and versatile solutions for a wide range of applications.Elimold is your trusted partner for precision plastic injection moulding solutions tailored specifically for the Oil & Gas industry.
With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we excel in producing high-performance components that meet the industry’s rigorous demands. We understand the critical role plastics play in enhancing efficiency and reducing costs within the Oil & Gas sector.

Energy & Oilfield Injection Molding

Elimold as the world leader in producing extremely large, void free, custom injection molded products, Elimold is capable of producing parts for the most demanding industries. Because of the extreme environment in which they are used, and the need for products made precisely to stringent specifications, the injection molded products associated with the Oil and Gas industry are a particularly good fit for our experienced engineers and our unique process capabilities.

Elimold is providing very large, thick wall, injection molded parts as an alternate to urethane castings. In turn, giving our customers a lower cost, higher quality solution. Elimold’s unique Injection molding capabilities allows for the use of virtually any thermoplastic polymer resin and resin additive compositions including PEEK, PFA, Nylon, PVDF, PPS, ABS, PC, glass reinforced, and carbon fiber reinforced polymers.

How We Can Help

Through our expertise in plastic injection molding, parts manufacturing, and metal-to-plastic conversions, Elimold is uniquely positioned to help industrial manufacturers serving the oil and gas industry, to meet the challenges of today’s market head-on. We work as a strategic partner with these manufacturers, helping them find ways to reduce cost without shirking their commitment to serving their customers effectively. Sometimes, the solution might be designing plastic parts to replace their more expensive metal counterparts. Other times, it might be merely providing more durable parts for long-term industrial use. We help manufacturers consider their costs, products, and customers, and come up with solutions that trim overheads without sacrificing quality or durability.

Serving companies in the oil and gas industry

  • We are committed to procuring the most suitable materials for the Oil & Gas industry. Our advanced injection moulding machines offer a broad selection of plastics, providing remarkable flexibility in product design and order sizes, all tailored to meet the unique needs of the Oil & Gas sector.
  • We will work closely with you throughout to ensure your total satisfaction.
  • We will attend to the details – from initial design consultation through to prototype design and full-scale production.
  • We will minimise the chance of delays in the supply chain process by arranging delivery straight from our premises to an end user’s warehouse or construction facility.

Exploration, Drilling and Well Development Phase Components

Starting with the geophysical industry we have worked closely with many OEMs to design, engineer, and manufacture both plastic injection molded and extruded products for many products in the exploration and well development phase of oil and gas production. Some of the many applications that we have worked to develop and manufacture in these areas include:

  • Geophones components and geophysical equipment
  • Protection of threads, valves and components of drill pipes, bits and tools
  • Components for containment barriers

Production & Completions Phase Components

Elimold provides injection molded parts for both onshore and offshore production applications that are engineered to withstand the extreme downhole environments and longer run times. The variety of choices for engineered plastic injection molded materials allow for development of applications specifically suited for the environment and operating conditions.

  • Specialty Electrical Connectors
  • Platform Bumpers
  • Clamps
  • Subsea Umbilicals
  • Strain relief or bend restrictors
  • Plastic enclosures for explosives and perforating
  • Frac Balls
  • Pipe Centralizers
  • Corrosion protection at pipe Joints
  • Extruded Pipe Liners
  • High Temperature Seals
  • Pump Impellers

Find injection molding solutions for the oil and gas industry with Elimold

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