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Design Aids

Contact us for design aids and learn about design elements, materials, surface finishes and more for Elimold injection molded parts


Design Cube

One of the best ways to learn about our injection molding process is to have an actual plastic part in your hands to explore. That’s why we created the Design Cube, which shows part features that are too thin or too thick, bad bosses, right and wrong ribs, and other considerations to be mindful of while designing parts for injection molding.

Demo Mold

This design aid shows the mechanics of how the A-side and B-side of a tool work together during the injection molding process to create plastic parts. The Demo Mold helps those new to injection molding easily visualize the process and is a great teaching device for educators.

Material selections we offer

Below is a quick reference guide to the materials Elimold can provide to help you determine the right plastic and metal materials for your project. It lists specific measurements on properties to ensure you have the best material and process for your part application.

Injection Molding

Material options available with elimold for the Injection Molding project

CNC Machining

Material options available in CNC Machining project elimold

3D Printing

3D Printing project elimold's material options

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