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Urethane Casting

Low Volume, Durable Parts with Production-Level Quality

When companies choose to make their parts using urethane casting services from Elimold, they can expect quick turnaround times, low-upfront costs, and material flexibility. Our polyurethane materials are durable, robust, and available in various colors, durometers, and textures.

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What Makes Us Different?

As a urethane molding company, we know custom urethane or polyurethane casting is the ideal process to produce near-production quality parts for prototypes and other low-volume needs. Our urethane casting services utilize 3D printing and silicone rubber molds, keeping tooling costs low and turnaround times fast. The unique properties of many production-grade materials can be closely duplicated through different urethane formulations. Especially when compared to plastic injection molding, urethane casting delivers numerous advantages.

Low tooling costs

Fast turnaround times

Closely reproduce the properties of other materials

Little to no finishing required

Urethane Casting Service

Instant quotes & DFM feedback

Production grade quality

Parts as fast as 10 days

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Examples include ABS-like and clear-to-fire-retardant prototypes, cast in UL94V0-rated urethane, and semi-rigid prototypes that emulate the properties of polypropylene.

Please click the links below to view Data Sheets for our Rigid Urethane Casting Materials.

  • ABS-Like | Small & Medium Parts | AT-1 & AT-3_TR
  • ABS-Like | Large Parts | AT-1 & AT-3
  • ABS-Like | High Temperature | AT-2
  • Clear Urethane | CU-1
  • Polypropylene Emulator | High Impact | PP-1
  • Fire Retardant | US-2


We produce elastomeric urethane castings ranging from 20 Shore A to 90 Shore A. The materials can be used for everything from keypads and buttons to O-rings.

Please click the links below to view Data Sheets for our Elastomeric Materials.

  • Urethane Rubber | UR
  • SR-1 Silicone Rubber
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Our skilled finishers and model makers complete all finishing, painting, and texturing services in-house. Secondary process treatments, including silkscreen and graphics applications, enable us to provide realistic prototypes tailored to your requirements. The prototype will look, feel, and function as a final product. Elimold’s rigorous quality standards are upheld, and delivery schedules are maintained.

We have a wide range of additional finishing options we provide, depending on what is needed for the project:

  • Spray Painting Texture / Gloss
  • Logo and Graphics Application
  • Electroforming Plate
  • Gold Color
  • Spin Line
  • Sputtering
  • Vacuum Metalize


Advantages of Urethane Casting 

Before choosing urethane casting for your project, it is important to note the advantages.

Advantages of urethane casting include //

  • Different Colors, Textures & Finishes May Be Used
  • Wide Variety of Materials, Both Rigid & Flexible Options
  • Finer Details Can Be Accomplished
  • Varying Wall Thickness
  • Reduced Lead Times, Faster Market
  • Higher Level of Detail Than Traditional Manufacturing Methods
  • Higher Quality Production Parts at Lower Volumes
  • Accurate Testing to Ensure Part Accuracy Before Production
  • Casted Part Can Include Threaded Inserts, Adding Strength To The Part
  • 3D Printed Master Patterns & Silicone Mold Tooling



Common Applications of Urethane Casting

Many industries use urethane casting for their prototype and production projects. Urethane casting can be a smart choice for a lower-quantity project, as investing in injection mold tooling can be expensive. Another advantage of urethane casting is that it is optimal for use as a first production run, serving as a cost-saving measure to test prototypes before larger-scale production. Advanced prototyping is also feasible with urethane casting because the tooling and design changes cost less than other manufacturing methods. It is also possible to test various materials from a single mold. Parts made using urethane casting can also be used for customer testing, given the high aesthetic quality.

Urethane Casting Applications:

  • Test Prototypes Rapid
  • Prototypes Exhibit Parts
  • Consumer Testing
  • Products for Crowdfunding
  • Lower-Volume Manufacturing
  • Concept Models
  • Sales Samples
  • Engineering Models
  • Marketing Test Samples
  • Pre-Production Runs
  • Bridge to Production Parts
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Medical Devices
  • Specialty Over-Molding
  • Aircraft Interior Components


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Cast urethane parts provide a perfect way to work through iterations that best suit rapidly changing market demands in various industries, including medical, consumer goods, automotive, and robotics.

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Elimold urethane castings are well suited for design reviews and field testing. Our high-quality parts are great for customer reviews, market testing and investor presentations.

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Advancements in elimold urethane casting services allow us to bridge production gaps. Our high-quality urethane castings in production-like materials can even be used in some industries for very low-volume production.

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