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Drone 3D Printing

3D printing is a useful tool for creating drones or can help you start a drone project. 3D printing enables rapid prototyping, as well as the production of finished drones. Including: Micro Drones, Pocket Drones, FPV Quadcopter Drones (First Person View), Radio Controlled Drones, it can turn every idea and project into reality in the world of 3D printing.

3D printing services enable efficient manufacturing of drone parts

Drones and 3D printing are a perfect match! The benefits of drones are becoming more and more attractive to many drone manufacturing companies as it can allow you to create your own drone, a perfect way to customize your drone to suit your needs. Additive manufacturing technology is cheaper and the product development process is faster. It is possible to make truly lightweight drones, small or large drones, and even faster drones. 3D printing can be said to be a wise choice for developing drone projects. If you’re not going to use 3D printing to mass-manufacture your drone, you can at least use 3D printing during the prototyping stage.

Drone 3D Printing

Develop Your Drone Projects Using Additive Manufacturing

Creating lighter, stronger, and more functional drones, requiring less assembly and fewer parts is not a dream anymore. You can now use additive manufacturing to make tailored fixtures and lattice structures to reduce the weight of your drone parts. This technology is also the ideal solution to manufacture iterations to adapt your products to your client’s needs. Get the opportunity to manufacture light and reliable drones, with a perfect finishing, integrated features.

The difference between 3D printing and injection molding for manufacturing drone parts

3D printing drones can create stronger and lighter parts than injection molding. These two very advanced technologies meet in a special way. We have SLS nylon production machines that can produce high quality and very precise parts. This selective laser sintering printer can print parts up to 2 feet tall in extremely durable plastic. Durability is key for drone parts. Drones are difficult to stay airborne at all times, so they need to be strong enough to survive a hard landing. This is where SLS 3D printing comes in. Since flight time is so important and light weight is a key factor, 3D printing allows the weight of their drones to be reduced through internal support that injection molding cannot provide. Unique design designed to improve efficiency and appearance. This nylon plastic is lighter than carbon fiber and does not interfere with radio signals used to fly drones.

How 3D Printers Work For Drone

  1. 3D printing is used to create 3D printed UAV and also help you with your drone project.
  2. Drone parts such as the propellers, frame, antenna mounts, the prop protectors, landing gear, etc can all be printed with the drone 3D printer. You can carry out rapid prototyping at the same time and produce a finished product while saving printing material.
  3. As a large commercial company like agriculture or entertainment, you can use the drone 3D printer to develop your drones. The printer can also be used by hobbyists.
  4. The 3D printer allows production costs to be reduced unlike traditional production methods.
  5. Crashing and breaking parts of your drone can be expensive. Instead of buying new ones, you can 3D print your own spare parts as needed.
  6. You can also print optional drone accessories to add-on protective equipment like a prop guard.
  7. Printing your 3D drones saves you more cost than the traditional drone.


Many different materials for your drone frame or any drone part:

  • Nylon PA12: Adaptable and versatile, both for production and prototyping. Nylon PA12 can be used to prototype or produce your drone parts. With a good quality/price ratio, it will be your best ally to innovate and shorten your lead times while still focusing on the quality of your project.
  • Ultrasint® PA11 CF (Carbon Fiber): Strong and lightweight, this PA11 is adapted for more extensive drone parts, such as a drone frame. Your parts will be 3D printed using sustainable powder derived from castor oil. Parts 3D printed with Ultrasint® PA11 CF offer even greater strength and rigidity due to Carbon Fiber reinforcement. This can ensure the longevity of the drone even with rough landings.
  • Ultrasint® PA6 MF (Mineral Filled): If you are looking for protective components attached to your drone frame, this PA6 MF will offer the high rigidity and strength needed.
  • PP for MJF: Durable and resistant, this polypropylene material is perfect for creating supports attached to your drone frame.


Drone Modification

Develop drone parts for your individualized designs and needs.

  • Support structures
  • Camera gimbals
  • Drone frames
  • Landing gears
  • GoPro/Camera mount

Custom Drone Designs

Looking to design from scratch? Our team will help turn your ideas into a reality.

  • Pocket drones
  • Racing drones
  • Quadcopter drones

Professional Drone Development

Professional drones with highly custom functionalities and requirements. Innovate your offering with less weight, faster speed, longer battery life, and unique functionalities.

  • Imaging and aerial cinematography
  • Surveying
  • Topography analysis
  • Photogrammetry

Benefits of 3D printing drone parts

The 3D printing industry allows you to create your own drone; custom drones can be obtained based on demand. Additive manufacturing technology is cheaper and the product development process is faster. It is possible to build lightweight drones, drones of different sizes, and even faster drones.

  • Create lightweight parts: Parts made through 3D printing are lightweight and have excellent strength. These are two prominent factors required for a drone.
  • Complex Design and Assembly: Designs and bodies of any complexity can be easily 3D printed, allowing new designs and variants to be easily tested.
  • Maintenance management, spare parts: Any maintenance and spare parts can be manufactured using 3D printing technology and different materials at the click of a button.
  • Mass customization: 3D printing technology enables faster manufacturing in less time and enables mass customization at a moment’s notice
  • Optimize your parts by rethinking your designs: Highly detailed, microscopically accurate, and smooth scale models printed with 3D printing technology are often used to illustrate design ideas. These models can also help in situations where CAD models are insufficient to identify design issues.
  • Get the perfect fit: 3D printing allows you to create a variety of styles that can be further customized according to customer requirements
  • Custom Drones: 3D printing enables you to manufacture personalized drones as per your needs and requirements. This increases the feasibility of manufacturing customized drones. Any specific part of a store-bought drone can also be customized to suit your needs.
  • Easy upgrades: 3D printing supports the upgrade of drone parts to make them more efficient. Design iterations with this 3D printing technology are very economical compared to traditional manufacturing processes. This brought scope to make many modifications to the 3D design, 3D print, and test the 3D printed parts until the desired results were achieved. Flexibility and speed don’t get in the way of experimentation.
  • Improved performance: The weight of a drone affects its flight time. The lighter the drone, the longer it can fly. Lightweight drones can extend battery life and be more responsive and agile during flight. UAV components are made lighter by optimizing the design structure and maintaining aerodynamic performance. The choice of materials used for 3D printing also plays a crucial role in making parts lighter, giving designers the flexibility to try different materials during the prototype stage.

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