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Robotics CNC Machining

Elimold’s state-of-the-art CNC machine shop machines parts for robotics companies across the North America, Europe and other regions. From basic CNC machined brackets to more complex arms, we have the years of experience to get you your parts fast. Typical robotics customers need a high-mix and low volume number of parts. We excel in low volume prototype quantities.

Precision Manufacturing for Robotics Industry

Robotics is a diverse, relatively new industry, but most prominent in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Applications here include robotic arms, collaborative robots (aka cobots), robotic process automation, integrated artificial intelligence (AI), predictive maintenance, and service robots. For components created for the robotics industry, dimensional accuracy is vital. Parts are complex and must be precise to work in sync with other components assembled within a robot. Surviving the stresses of repeatable actions is also essential. Other key considerations include customizability, low-friction surface finishes and complex geometries. And that’s why custom manufacturing is uniquely valuable in the production and assembly of parts for the robotics industry.

CNC machining custom robotic precision parts

Elimold provides support on many programs involving robotic innovation. As robotic technology advances, and becomes more common in daily life, Elimold is at the forefront of providing CNC machined components to the robotic industry.

Robotics including, robotic surgery, is a challenging industry and Elimold has the experience and equipment needed to provide components that meet the stringent standards required for the robotics industry. We have multi-axis CNC Machines and lathes, capable of both lathe and mill functions in a single machine. With our CNC Machines, complex parts that often require two or three additional machines can be made in a single operation. Along with CNC Machines, we use CNC Horizontal Machines and CNC 5-Axis Machines to assure high precision and accuracy on complex parts in medium to high volumes.

Depending on your needs, we can manufacture your robotic elements via Vertical Milling, Horizontal Milling, 3-axis turning with live tools, 7-axis Screw Machine, EDM, Grinding, and provide subassembly and inspection services.

CNC Machining in the Robotics Industry

CNC machining is an ideal service for robotics development due to precision and dimensional accuracy as well as material selections. Machined parts have tighter tolerances than other services, and 5-axis CNC milling can produce highly complex parts, important for applications that demand precise, repeatable movements. During post-processing, machining allows for controlled surface finishes, which are needed for low-friction components in interactive parts. Machining is perfect for customized robotics components in low quantities.

Why CNC machining for the robotics industry?

  • Automated process for fast, efficient machining
  • Precision parts
  • Strong, durable materials
  • Design flexibility wiht 5-axis milling 
  • Range of surface finishes

What are common robotic applications of machined parts?

  • Housings
  • Frame
  • Grippers
  • Arm components
  • Brackets
  • Shafts
  • Gears
  • End effectors
  • Custom fixtures
  • Motor components

What machining, finishing, and quality processes does Protolabs offer for robotics?

  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • Standardized machines and tools for consistency
  • Anodizing and chromate conversion
  • Basic assembly, part marking, and inspection reports

What Materials Work Best for Custom Robotics Parts?

Aluminum, stainless steel and titanium alloys are ideal for custom robotics parts because they are lightweight yet strong, making them well-suited for components that need to withstand heavy use and frequent movement. Copper, brass and bronze offer excellent conductivity properties which make them ideal for parts that require electrical current or wiring. 

ABS, polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) are all highly durable materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments, making them suitable for use in robotics applications. High-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) and nylon offer flexibility while remaining lightweight, which makes them well suited for creating custom robotics parts with complex shapes or intricate designs.

Why Do Robotics Companies Use Elimold?

Cost Savings

Elimold mechanical engineer have the knowledge and experience in the robotics industry to produce high-quality robotic components at a lower cost than what robotics companies could achieve on their own.

Quality Control

With ISO9001 manufacturing standards, Elimold can ensure that all parts are made according to exact specifications and meet quality control standards every time.


Elimold can quickly scale production up or down as needed, allowing robotics companies to easily adjust supply levels without having to invest in additional equipment or personnel.

Custom Robotics Parts to Innovate

Elimold uses 3D printing technology to quickly prototype robot part designs and test them quickly under a variety of conditions. This allows robotics engineer to make improvements or adjustments quickly without having to invest in costly tooling or equipment upfront.

Complex parts can be manufactured accurately and quickly with 3D printing, which can help you speed up your development process while ensuring quality control standards are always met.

Free formability analysis within hours

No matter what robotics application or part you need, Elimold’s engineers and talented operations professionals are determined to help you succeed.