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Laser Cutting Services

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Your Las Vegas, Nevada Laser Cutting Service: Prototypes and Production Cuts

Elimold is an expert in laser cutting metal. We can quickly and precisely cut all kinds of sheet metal for your company. We laser-cut aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, titanium, and more. Depending on the metal, we can produce laser-cut custom metal parts ranging in thickness from 1/64″ to 5/8″. We can significantly reduce cutting time with lightning-fast cutting speeds, thereby reducing costs and cycle times. Our lasers can do this while maintaining most edge tolerances to +/- 0.005″ or better.
Our lasers allow the use of complete metal sheets for high and optimal throughput. After being cut by our laser, the finished edge of most materials can be used for further manufacturing operations. This reduces secondary deburring costs.
Our custom laser cutting services are as varied as medical, aerospace, electronics, military, environmental graphics, and many other fields that require precision fabricated parts. Laser-cutting custom gaskets, washers, washers, spacers, and plates are possible. Please provide us with a vector file of your part, or we can reverse engineer an existing flat pattern part, and our experienced team will get the job done efficiently.
After we finish laser-cutting your custom metal parts, our fabrication facility can take your project to the next level. Whether you need metal forming, countersinking, material finishing, or laser marking, we offer our customers numerous value-added services. We can be your one-stop metal fabricator.
Elimold supports prototyping and production volumes. All items we manufacture have what you would expect from a laser-cutting supplier. Contact us today.

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Elimold Laser Cutting Services

At elimold, we create the highest quality signage with our custom-cutting services; you can quickly create intricate designs that are too complex to create by hand. You can cut smooth curves and even engrave text or logos onto your Designs.

Laser cutting is particularly effective in many areas where rapid production is essential. It’s easy to cut accurately in many materials where traditional manufacturing methods are inefficient. Limits and constraints imposed by traditional manufacturing processes are removed through Laser Cutting, which allows freedom of design and quantities.

Eimold has invested in an on-demand Cutting Service capable of cutting perfect cuts or engraves for your design! Let elimold be your source for Laser Cutting solutions, no matter your project. Our team is here for your project needs. We will update you throughout the process, offering highly sought-after solutions for every one of our clients.

Tube laser cutting allows your laser cutting design to be machined from one continuous tube. With our proprietary tube laser cutting service, whatever cut your product needs can be made directly from any pipe or tubing. This simplifies the cutting process and saves you time and materials, ultimately reducing overall cost.

Although a sheet metal laser cutting machine is typically unable to cut through metals of great thickness, they are more precise and energy-efficient when compared to plasma cutting. Our specially developed sheet metal laser cutting service is available for cutting brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

If your laser cutting design requires extra precision, you may use a CNC laser cutting machine to fabricate the product you envision. CNC laser cutting machines are computer-controlled, ensuring your cuts have the highest quality and focus.

Let Elimold turn your 3D model designs into a finished product of laser-cut aluminum, laser-cut steel, or fabrication from any other materials. With a high-powered laser cutting machine, we will add a new level of professionalism to your products with custom cuts.

The construction industry has begun moving toward laser cutting technology over more traditional processes, as these machines can increase productivity. A switch to laser cutting can also save effort and lower costs during your prototyping phase by giving you a cleaner, more efficiently fabricated part.

Many parts in the automotive industry are manufactured using sheet metal laser cutting techniques. Bumpers, hoods, roofs, fenders, doors, seating frames, and many other modern vehicles rely on laser cutting services.
Putting vehicles through their paces during pre-production testing has never been easier than with cost-effective laser-cut parts. Any modifications to design can quickly be dialed in on the laser cutting machine. This ability to make accurate off-the-cuff changes helps when creating batches of a specific part with multiple trim variations.

Aircraft, much like automobiles, require a high degree of precision when fabricating parts for their industrial use. Intricate and complex components of aircraft are easily created with laser cutting equipment. The powerful lasers are equipped to perfectly cut strong metals and alloys used in flight equipment.

Sheet metal and tubular components for solar, wind, oil, and gas applications can be laser cut for use in the energy industry. Laser cutting services make parts for the energy industry equipment repair quick and simple. Fast repairs might mean all the difference in efficiencies within such a vital field.

Parts crafted by laser cutting machines can be found in a variety of sectors all over the world. In addition to the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries, products fabricated by laser cutting methods can also be found in the agricultural, fitness, industrial, and appliance industries.
Farm, forestry, and lawn care equipment rely on laser-cut fabrications.
These manufactured parts can also be found in treadmills, stationary bikes, and other exercise equipment. Along with these functional and practical uses, laser-cut materials are also used in architecture and décor.


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Features of CNC Laser Cutting

Like CNC machining, sheet metal processes produce highly durable parts well-suited for both functional prototypes and end-use production.

All sheet metal parts are built on demand and have lower setup costs than CNC Machining. Depending on your needs, order as little as a single prototype up to 10,000 production parts.

Choose from various sheet metals across a wide range of strength, conductivity, weight, and corrosion resistance.

Combining the latest cutting, bending, and punching with automated technologies, Elimold provides instant sheet quotes that can often ship the same week.

Choosing the Right Manufacturer

Contact a high-quality service provider if you think laser cutting services are right for you. To help you with this work, we encourage you to write down a list of your requests, questions, concerns, and standard application information such as project description, schema requests, request volume, etc. Also, write down specifications such as budget, schedule, preferred delivery method, standard requirements, etc.
Once you’ve compiled a list of specifications, start checking out our laser-cutting services listed on this page. Remember, customer service is as important as the price tag. After you have spoken with us, decide whether or not we will serve you.

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Additional Services From Elimold

We’re proud to offer complete turnkey services on location, with skilled specialists and cutting-edge technology supporting your new product from concept to manufacturing. Many of our laser cutting projects start in our dedicated in-house design department, ending with streamlined delivery to your door. Below are a couple of our most popular complementary services.


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