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Consumer Products CNC Machining Manufacturer

Elimold provides design and CNC machining manufacturing services to leading consumer product manufacturers and service companies. Whether it’s a custom product or high-volume production, we have the experts and tools to help you realize your project and increase your production through on-demand CNC machining manufacturing. Our services are specifically adapted to each client’s needs.

Custom CNC machining services for consumer products

Consumer products are goods bought for consumption by the average consumer. The constantly changing consumer product industry presents challenges to manufacturers that Elimold is prepared to meet. From musical instruments to state of the art computers, our seasoned knowledgeable staff is experienced and ready to help with your requirements.

When most people think of machining, the first thing that comes to mind is manufacturing metal parts for machines or vehicles. However, a variety of machining solutions exist in today’s world to manufacture any type of product you can think of, including CNC production machining solutions. Machining is often the best solution for products that require precision and accuracy in their construction.

Machining also offers several advantages in terms of speed and cost. In many cases, machining can be faster than other manufacturing methods, and it is often less expensive as well.

At Elimold, we provide machining services perfect for creating consumer products in a variety of industries. We have years of experience in CNC production machining, so we can handle any project of any size. We also offer prototype solutions, which can be very helpful when you need to test new designs or concepts.

Applications for our CNC machined consumer electronics parts

Relying on our advanced CNC technology and processes, we can meet CNC machining needs for consumer electronic products. Our parts or products are commonly used in:

  • Computers

  • Communications

  • Phone

  • Watches

  • Housings

  • Fixtures

  • Consoles

  • Heat sinks

  • Knobs

  • Handles

  • Buttons

  • And not limited

What Materials Work Best for Custom Consumer Electronics Products ?

  • Aluminum alloys are mainly embodied in the form of housings, frames, heat sinks and aluminum tubes in consumer electronics products.
  • Titanium alloys: in high-end consumer electronics such as laptops and smartphones, titanium can make products that are stronger, lighter and thinner.
  • Stainless steel: The consumption power of custom-made home goods is rising; this is where the durability and adaptability of stainless steel become the beginning of the value chain.
  • PMMA material with high transmittance, good impact resistance, not fragile, instrumentation parts, automotive headlights acrylic rods, optical lenses, transparent pipes, etc.
  • Polycarbonate application development is to high composite, high functionality, specialization, serialization direction.
  • PEEK is a special engineering plastics with excellent performance, mechanical properties can be used in high-end machinery, nuclear engineering and aviation and other science and technology.

CNC Machining Surface Finishes of Consumer products

The surfaces of Consumer products are diverse. Some are for anti-corrosion and oxidation, and some are for aesthetics. Design engineers will choose the appropriate surface finishes to meet customized needs. Elimold is proficient in at least 21 kinds of surface treatments such as: Painting, dyeing, polishing, powder coating, silk screen printing, laser etching, anodizing, electroplating, etc.

Consumer Product Parts Manufacturing

Elimold is a specialist CNC manufacturers based in the china. We are the perfect manufacturing partner for big and small consumer products companies and manufacturers. Many of our automation clients we help include;

  • Consumer Electronics Companies
  • Personal And Household Products Manufacturers
  • Food Packaging Companies
  • Appliance Manufacturers
  • Beverage And Alcohol Companies

Why Consumer Products Companies Choose Tuofa?

Consumer products are becoming more and more diverse and powerful, yet smaller, thinner and more stylish.Elimold has helped 20% of the Fortune 500 consumer product companies to give the best solutions for product life, light weight, safety, design flexibility, performance and energy efficiency.

Rapid Prototyping

The traditional model manufacturing cycle of consumer products is in days, while Elimold uses 3D printing technology in hours, which shortens the time to market by 50%.

Technical Reliability

Elimold has 5 consumer electronics engineers who are professional enough and can fully release the value of reliability technology, we can realize your ideas and will do better.

Intellectual Property Protection

We strictly review your design drawings and abide by commercial principles. Before customizing parts, NDA can be signed, and Tuofa’s management system will process your data anonymously.

Our Consumer Products CNC Machining Company

Elimold delivers a premium precision engineering service that works efficiently and with accuracy, within a wide array of sectors. We pursue innovation and excellence at every stage, delivering consistency to our customers. Investment in the latest and future technology is vital, as is the improvement of knowledge and skills within our professional team. Huge ranges of consumer products requires accuracy for high levels of safety and our CNC machining services are designed to deliver just that.