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Military and Defense Plastic Injection Molding

Defence and security sector professionals rely on absolute reliability and precision when it comes to their equipment. Having a durable kit that meets the brief may sometimes be the difference between life and death. Therefore, plastic injection moulding is an ideal process for manufacturing equipment, tools, and components used in defence and security settings. At Elimold, we pride ourselves on the high-quality materials that we use and the efficient performance of our products in the field. We are proud to work in these vital sectors and to provide high-quality military and defence plastic products and components that our armed and security forces can rely on, wherever they are deployed in the world.

Defense Contractors Face Challenging Requirements

The military requires a vast array of other equipment, from mundane spare parts to highly specialized gear such as night-vision goggles. All these products must meet strict quality standards — the life of its eventual user may depend on an item’s ability to withstand harsh battlefield conditions or heavy-duty use.

At the same time, there’s a pressing need to meet tight budgetary requirements and deliver products in massive quantities. This remains true across the industry, from defensive aerospace manufacturing to producing a soldier’s wearable kit. As a highly mature and developed technology, the injection molding process is a perfect fit.

Providing High-Quality Plastic Injection Molding Solutions For The Defense Industries

At Elimold, we understand that parts for the aerospace industry must meet strict requirements, and we follow stringent quality protocols from start to finish to ensure we meet the needs of our aerospace clients.
Companies that make parts that often don’t pass first article inspection (FAI) or process capability standards can affect the supply chain or cause the items to be labeled as unsafe by government regulators. These companies often produce parts quickly and ship them to other facilities for further customization.

To ensure our products are completed properly, we offer post-production services in house such as machining, shielding, and painting, and we have crafted:

  • Aircraft interior parts
  • Cockpit covers and other main control components
  • PEKK specialty parts
  • Specialized structural applications

The aerospace industry is replacing metal parts with plastic polymers because they provide more stability in thermal and mechanical applications and boast higher insulative properties and chemical resistance. Plastics also reduce aircraft weight and lower the risk of fire due to petroleum or grease-based lubricants. We are ready to meet the needs of the aerospace industry as it shifts to plastics.

Producing Tough Components For Rugged And Reliable Tactical Equipment

Defense components require precise production and steadfast reliability. At Elimold, we understand the importance of producing critical components that can withstand stress in the field. Elimold is proudly ITAR registered, and our team of engineers and manufacturing specialists excel at compliantly producing components with high quality, tight tolerances that meet the rigorous requirements that the defense industry demands.

Our talented team has experience using highly engineered plastics and metals to produce durable, superior products for defense applications, and an aptitude for optimizing primary injection molding services with secondary services to lower costs and return value to the customer. We specialize in injection molding, over-molding, insert-molding, CNC machining, assembly, and vacuum deposition shielding for precision optical components.

Complex Assembly,Process Engineering, And Other value-Added Servives For Defense OEMS

Elimold’s experienced material scientists and process engineers can help you produce plastic parts with extreme strength, durability, impact resistance, or other unique properties based on your specifications and requirements. We also specialize in secondary metal processing including machining and finishing to deliver precision military plastic components on time every time.

If you need help to define plastic part requirements even further through consultation, we can provide those vital services as well. Our plastic injection molding assembly services are ideal for meeting the strict requirements of military, defense, and tactical applications.

Partner With Elimold For Defense Manufacturing and Military Injection Molding

Our latest supplier risk rating of 0.0 assures our position as a critical partner in your defense supply chain needs. This score was calculated in accordance with the approved DoD Assessment Methodology and is representative of the level of risk that comes from partnering with Elimold.

At Elimold, we take the security and compliance of our defense contractors seriously. With strict adherence to ITAR and CMMC requirements and dedication to NIST Framework implementation, we ensure the highest level of security for our defense contracts.

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