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Precise CNC Machining for the Military and Defense Industry

In Military & Defense Industry, there are large demands for high-quality precision CNC Machining Parts and components. To meet the grade equipment requires for the military and defense industry applications, parts and components for Military & Defense equipment must be produced with rigorous design, tight tolerance, ultra-high precision specifications, and the best durable materials and for optimum manufacturability.
We understand precision and reliability go hand-in-hand when manufacturing military and defense components and parts. Because there is no room for error, we strive to ensure all our fabricated defense components are assembled and function according to our production part approval process plans. We have NDAs signed by every person that comes in our doors because we understand the need for security.

What Is Defense CNC Machining?

Because of the advanced technology of CNC manufacturing today, military equipment is guaranteed to receive a highly intricate production operation, when produced with CNC machinery.

One specific example of the use of precision CNC machining in the military is in the production of aircraft parts. These parts, such as engines, landing gear, and cockpit controls, require precise tolerances and must be able to withstand extreme conditions. Precision CNC machining allows for the production of these parts with a high level of accuracy, ensuring the safety and reliability of the aircraft.

There is a critical nature of military applications. Defense CNC Machining is subject to significantly strict quality standards. In other words, a defense part for the Navy has to meet precise specifications and regulations, with specific tolerances. These firm requirements are going to help ensure that each component manufactured for the Military and Defense Industry are to the highest standards of quality and reliability, while also making sure that the military equipment is safe and effective in the field, constantly.

Importance Of Quality Components

The armed forces are often placed in harm’s way, and sometimes in isolated areas of the world. Since machines are crucial to their effectiveness and safety, they must be built to withstand extreme use.
In harsh environments like corrosive seas or dusty cityscapes, one component can make the difference between success and failure. Upper-level assemblies may have to move fluids, generate power, and absorb impacts.
Manufacturing large components capable of excelling in extreme surroundings isn’t easy. Any imperfection can lead to subpar performance or, worse, complete failure.

Specification of Our CNC Machining Parts in Military & Defense

Artillery Components, Fighter Aircraft Components, Missile Components, and other CNC Precision Military & Defense Parts and Components.

Stainless Steel, Carbon steel, Aluminum, Alloy, Brass, Bronze and Copper, etc.

CNC Machining Center, CNC Turning Machine, CNC Lathe, CNC Milling Machine, Precision Cutting Machine

With high precision tolerances ranging from +/-0.001″ – 0.005″ and 1-25mm diameters, specific tolerances can be discussed with the customer, given the part material, size, and geometry.

Standard package, Carton box or Pallet, As per customized specifications

Airframe Parts, Screws, Spacers, Consumables, Expendables, Avionics / Instruments, Engine Components, Rotables etc.

Zinc plating, Nickel plating, chromate plating, anodize as per customer’s requirement


As an experienced supplier of mechanical parts, Elimold Precision provides design, manufacture planning, cutting, forging, stamping, heat treatment and surface treatment of CNC Turned Parts

Streamlined Engineering, Manufacturing, and Inspection Solutions for Defense Projects

Elimold’s state-of-the-art facility integrates all of the advanced CNC technology and fabrication equipment needed to tackle your defense manufacturing project from start to finish. Our production services are supported by decades of combined engineering expertise for defense applications.

Beginning with your military project’s initial material purchase and document control, Elimold lays the foundation for your project, focused on both quality and cost-efficiency. We fabricate our defense products in-house, and our services carry through to the completion of any required sub-contract finishing and final inspection. We can supply you with complete build books for your products if they are required. All of our inspection documentation is meticulously maintained to provide total traceability – all the way back to individual material lots if required.

For any precision defense project, first article inspection is absolutely imperative to ensure the close-tolerance quality and consistency of your products. Elimold performs first article inspections on all new parts. We can also supply complete FAI reports as required.

Material grades we commonly machine for the military & defense industry

  • 1018 Steel
  • 1026 Steel
  • 1045 Steel
  • 4140 Steel
  • 4145 Steel
  • 4130 Steel
  • 4330 Steel
  • 4340 Steel
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • 410 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 718 Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Alloy
  • Aluminum
  • Inconel
  • Monel
  • Titanium
  • Copper

Elimold manufactures each part to customer driven specifications. Our material is sourced through several suppliers and we offer testing through third party vendors.

Applications of CNC Machining in Defense Industry

We provide defense machining services for the following parts:

  • Aircraft seat frames
  • Aerospace couplers
  • Retainer rings
  • Missile components
  • Flanges
  • Fuser rollers
  • Helicopter & naval ship components
  • Track hubs
  • Munitions hoist components
  • Main rotor hub
  • Transmission components
  • Naval engines and structural systems
  • Retainer rings
  • Clamshells

Turnkey Defense Machining

Elimold is your source for Mil-spec CNC machining for large military components and parts. We also offer our customers with secondary services such as thread rolling, phosphating, metal honing and sawing, and an array of sub-contracted services for complex parts.Contact Elimold for a quote on your defense machining application today.