Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D Printing

Order your parts 3D printed with SLS for rapid prototyping and end-use production. Discover the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing technology and how you can use it to produce your objects from 1 – 10k parts.

Our SLS 3D Printing Services

Selective Laser Sintering or SLS is an industrial 3D printing technology. It builds accurate and durable parts from materials one layer at a time. The combination of low cost per part, established materials and its speed makes SLS a go-to solution among engineers for functional prototypes and low volume production parts.
SLS 3D printing is a mature, stable and repeatable process which can replace conventional manufacturing methods to produce parts. There are several distinct advantages to selecting SLS for your prototype or production requirements.
At Elimold, we help you push the limits of possible with laser sintering. Our wide choice of materials and finishing degrees let you bring even the most complex designs to life. From prototypes to serial manufacturing, you can count on our in-depth understanding of laser sintering to help you achieve outstanding results.

Technical specifications

Maximum build dimensions

Dimensions are unlimited as components may be composed of several sub-parts. 

The maximum build envelope is 630 x 330 x 550 mm

Standard accuracy

±0.3% (with a lower limit on ±0.3 mm)

Layer thickness

0.12 mm

Minimum wall thickness

1 mm, but living hinges are possible at 0.3 mm

Surface structure

Unfinished parts typically have a grainy surface but various post-production finishes are possible


Design guidelines for SLS

Each 3D printing technology is a little different, here are standard guidelines to consider when choosing SLS as your 3D printing process:

MaterialLayer thicknessMaximum sizeAccuracyAdvantages
Nylon PA12100 – 120µm(white/unpolished) 675 x 366 x 545 mm± 0.3% (minimum of ± 0.3 mm)Versatile
Ultrasint® PA11100µm190 x 240 x 315 mmX-Y : +/- 0,3 % (min : 0,4mm) Z : +/- 0,6 % (min : 0,6mm)Bio-sourced, Versatile
Nylon PA12 (grey)100µm(unpolished) 190 x 240 x 315 mm± 0.45% (minimum of ± 0.45 mm)Versatile
Nylon 3200 Glass-Filled100µm(white/unpolished) 190 mm x 240 mm x 315 mm± 0.45% (minimum of ± 0.45 mm)Resistant
Alumide150µm(raw) 190 mm x 240 mm x 315 mm± 0.45% (minimum of ± 0.45 mm)Metallic appearance
Ultrasint® PA11 CF100µm260 x 260 x 260 mm± 0.3% (minimum of ± 0.3 mm)High rigidity, excellent impact resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio
Ultrasint® PA11 ESD100µm150x 200x 250 mm± 0.4% (minimum of ± 0.4 mm)Electrostatic discharging properties
Ultrasint® PA6 MF100µm360 x 360 x 420 mmX-Y : +/- 0,4 % (min : 0,4mm) Z: +/- 0,8 % (min : 0,8mm)High strength, airtight, watertight, chemical resistant
Ultrasint® TPU 88A100µm300 x 300 x 300 mm± 0.3% (minimum of ± 0.3 mm)High flexibility, great shock absoption

SLS printing is perfect for many of your rapid prototypes, low- and mid-volume productions, and functional testing.

Even highly advanced SLS printing technology isn’t completely reliable if you’re not working with the right team of manufacturing professionals.Elimold has the experienced engineers, advanced facilities, and industry know-how to support all your SLS printing needs.

SLS Materials Available

SLS most common materials are Nylon PA12 and Glass-Filled Nylon. While these materials cover most project needs, there are other materials available too, just ask your project manager and they will help match the right material for your project.

TPU 88A2+ DaysPrototypes, Low-Volume, Short-Run Production320mm x 320mm x 610mm1mmStandard Color: White Medium/High Resolution High Detail and Complexity Dye Available (Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, and Pink)High Elasticity, Rebound and Resistance to Fatigue Water-Tight Down to 0.6mm Wall Thickness High Burst Pressure True Thermoplastic Polyurethane With Excellent Flexibility and Durability
Nylon PA12 (White)2+ DaysPrototypes, Low-Volume, Short-Run Production320mm x 320mm x 610mm1mmStandard Color: White Medium/High Resolution High Detail and Complexity Dye Available (Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, and Pink)Nearly Isotropic Parts Built Without Supports, Allowing for Complex Geometries Durable Production Quality Thermoplastic
PA 12 Glass Bead3+ DaysPrototypes, Low-Volume, Short-Run Production320mm x 320mm x 610mm1mmStandard Color: Off White Medium/High Resolution High Detail and Complexity Dye Available** (Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, and Pink)High Rigidity Resistant To Wear and Tear Thermally Resilient
PA 113+ DaysPrototypes, Low-Volume, Short-Run Production320mm x 320mm x 610mm1mmStandard Color: White Medium/High Resolution High Detail and Complexity Dye Available (Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, and Pink)High Impact Resistance and Elongation At Break Higher Temperature Resistance Than PA 12 Does Not Splinter Under Load
PA 11 Fire Retardant4+ DaysPrototypes, Low-Volume, Short-Run Production320mm x 320mm x 610mm1mmStandard Color: WhiteHigh Ductility Combined With Strength Flame-Retardant Properties Are Similar To ULTEMTM Filament

SLS Printing Service for Prototypes and Production-Quality Parts With Fast Turnarounds

  • High-quality SLS plastic prototypes at a reasonable price
  • SLS printing service delivers parts in as quickly as four days
  • Material choices include engineering-grade thermoplastics
  • SLS process is capable of intricate geometries without additional support features
  • Essentially waste-free production
Desktop SLS 3D printers aspect ratio elimold service

AMT PostPro3D Finishing

AMT’s PostPro3D technology is a smart, automated post-processing solution for smoothing SLS 3D-printed parts. PostPro3D achieves a high-quality surface finish that matches injection molding techniques using 3D printing processes. This enabling technology reduces lead time, cost of manufacture, and operational and maintenance costs providing the ‘missing piece’ in the digital manufacturing chain. The PostPro3D machine makes 3D part surface finishing speed and cost competitive for high-volume production.
Talk to an expert at Elimold today to take your parts to the next level using AMT PostPro3D for post-processing.

Our standard surface finishes

Here is a list of standard surface finishes. For custom surface finishes such as electroplating or polishing, please contact [email protected].

A sandblasting process and manual dedusting deduct SLS parts. If accessible, boreholes can be drilled to size. The finish is white matte (fine sugar cube).

Color choices of dyes black, blue, green, red or yellow. Lot-to-lot consistency may vary slightly, with black being the most consistent. Dye penetrates approximately 0.010 inches deep.

Automated post-processing technology (AMT PostPro3D) for high-quality surface finishes. Vapor Smoothing changes most surfaces from matte to semi-gloss. Vapor Smoothing also seals surfaces, enhances mechanical properties, and provides a consistent finish to production. The Vapor Smoothed part can be dyed.

Standard finish with added abrasive media tumbling. These parts will have fewer growth lines, and the tumbling process may soften sharp edges. The parts are left with an eggshell finish.

Standard finish with a secondary copper + nickel plating process adding 0.004″-0.006″ nickel coating. Nickel plating adds durability, stiffness, and wear resistance but is not considered cosmetic. The finish is rough nickel.

Elimold provides additional SLS finishing and customization options upon request.

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Create components with tough mechanical properties & complex geometries.

Benefits of SLS 3D Printing

Laser Sintering is a great option when the geometric complexity of a part makes it difficult to produce through other processes or when the anticipated production volume doesn’t justify the time & expense of tooling.

  • Consistency & Reliability
    • Implementation of stringent, proprietary process controls and procedures for executing builds, maintaining equipment, and handling materials.
  • Production Parts
    • SLS is an affordable means to build durable, stable production parts in low volume. Also effective for high volumes of components when designs are too complex for traditional manufacturing to execute
  • Part Consolidation
    • With the ability to easily produce complex features, undercuts, and interior features, SLS can consolidate what once was a multi-part assembly into one part. SLS eliminates the need for separate fasteners, mounting components, and adhesives.

Applications of SLS 3D Printing

Designers and engineers across numerous industries have used SLS printing in their product development process. While SLS can be used for prototyping, it is also for functional, testing, and production parts. Applications of SLS include:

  • Consumer Goods: SLS 3D printing has been used for consumer goods in the medical, footwear, and beauty industries.
  • Sports: SLS has been used by motorsports companies to innovate vehicle design to increase performance.
  • Aerospace: Airline companies are incorporating lightweight SLS 3D parts on their aircraft, including air vent grills and other cabin components.
  • Tooling Production: Jigs, Fixtures & Other Tooling
  • Snap Fits & Living Hinges
  • Housings



Why Choose Elimold’s SLS 3D Printing Capabilities?

SLS has become popular among designers and engineers for many reasons. SLS allows for higher productivity, lower cost per part, and design flexibility.

  • Higher Productivity: Multiple parts can be produced simultaneously, which maximizes the build space. The laser used during SLS quickly scans faster than other processes. Additional parts can be added to the build while it is already in production.
  • Lower Cost Per Part: Nylon is the most common material for SLS printing and is one of the least expensive when used in larger quantities. There are additional cost savings since the leftover powder can be reused, support structures are not required, and post-processing in SLS is less labor intensive.
  • Design Flexibility: Since SLS does not require support structures, there is an opportunity to produce parts with complex geometries, moving parts, and pieces with interior components. SLS can also print a part that usually requires multiple elements as a single unit. This capability improves the design, saves the design, and results in a lightweight part.


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