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Quick advice on creating plastic, metal and elastomer parts with elimold 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication and injection molding. Designing with manufacturability in mind can speed up production time and reduce production costs.


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If you don’t know which technology is suitable for your project, check elimold related information to help you choose the lowest cost technology to implement your project.

Injection Molding

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With our services, you can choose from a wide range of elimold machining service options and with guaranteed quality, you can be confident that you will receive quality parts every time. Send us your 3D CAD files with confidence, and we’ll make sure the part can be manufactured to your expectations and budget. Contact us today to get a free quote!

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Design Points

Basic manufacturing techniques are compiled into a design guide for 3D printing, machining, and molding. Focus on improving manufacturability and reducing production costs through design, material selection, etc.

3D Printing

CNC Machining

Injection Molding

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