Semiconductor Industry

Rapid Prototyping and On-Demand Production for Semiconductor Industry.Accelerate your semiconductor manufacturing process with outstanding prototyping and innovative product development. Cost-effective and higher-level manufacturing solutions for the growing demands of the semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor custom processing expert

We provide high-quality semiconductor custom-processed parts and more. Semiconductor manufacturers rely on high-quality parts to innovate and push limits. Our strong semiconductor custom processing capabilities can help you achieve this goal. We serve multiple large Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs in the United States, Europe and beyond. Leverage our cutting-edge semiconductor equipment and processing expertise to get cost-effective, high-quality finished products you can trust.
We offer rapid prototyping, first article production and on-demand production to provide project flexibility and meet the ever-changing needs of the semiconductor industry. In addition to our robust semiconductor CNC milling and machining capabilities, we provide ongoing support to meet your needs. Take advantage of our inventory management program for on-site inventory. We regularly complete, hold, pack and ship to local destinations and provide delivery services when necessary.

Semiconductor industry customized manufacturing supply chain services

Elimold’s explosive demand from companies in the semiconductor industry has driven a focus on time to market, production quality and high throughput. In an industry where the demand for customized processing by semiconductor companies has soared, most companies are faced with maximizing limited production capacity, maintaining quality, increasing output, responding to government investment in the industry and changing regulations, and quickly launching new products. challenge to the market and achieve expected goals. A connected supply chain can help semiconductor manufacturers address all of these challenges.

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Prototyping & Production Solutions for Semiconductor Industry

Get top-notch in-house prototyping and production services for simple and compound semiconductors. Elimold specializes in fast-turn prototypes for semiconductors testing and design iteration. We ensure a smooth run of the semiconductor manufacturing cycle and help refine your design principle and solidify your ideas before mass production.


Our experienced technical staff will carefully analyze your design files and create prototypes to accurately match your specifications, bringing your design to life. And bring your early product designs to life with prototypes made from production-grade materials. Our process enables you to evaluate and optimize your designs, ensuring they are fully functional and ready for testing to ensure your prototypes look and function like the final product.

Mass Production

Take your custom manufacturing services to the next level with our cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Easily move into large-scale production with fast delivery of end-use parts and seamless integration of your quality standards into Elimold’s manufacturing processes. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your products meet quality and performance requirements, keeping costs low and delivery times short.

Semiconductor component manufacturing capabilities

Elimold provides precision CNC machining, injection molding and additive manufacturing (3D printing) services to the semiconductor industry. For example, their CNC machining services involve the use of high-performance CNC machines to produce complex parts with the highest precision and accuracy. The company utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology and software to ensure its CNC machining services meet the unique requirements of its customers. Their experienced team of engineers specializes in producing parts, assemblies and prototypes to customers’ exact specifications, ensuring the final product is of the highest quality and precision.

CNC Machining

Fast and precise CNC machining through the use of state-of-the-art 3-axis and 5-axis equipment and lathes.

Injection Molding

Custom injection molding service for the manufacturing of competitive pricing and high-quality prototyping and production parts in a fast lead time.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

From an assortment of cutting tools to different fabrication equipment, we can produce large volumes of fabricated sheet metal.

3D Printing

Our 3D printing services utilize multiple modern 3D printers and a variety of secondary processes, so we can efficiently transform your designs into tangible products.

Semiconductor precision custom processing product

Electronics & Semiconductor Post-Processing Capabilities

  • Anodizing
  • Passivization
  • Electroplating
  • Powder Coating
  • Insert Installation
  • Heat Treatment

Semiconductor Industry Applications

With our innovative skills and manufacturing capabilities, we’ve been driving semiconductor technology forward with the production of top-notch semiconductor devices. Elimold creates robust, cost-effective, and energy-efficient semiconductor components for a wide range of digitalized applications.

  • Smartphone components
  • Communication devices
  • Solar cells
  • Smart homes devices
  • Computer chips
  • Photomasks
  • Game console devices
  • Lithography optics
  • Rectifiers
  • Field-effect transistors
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