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Electronics Plastic Injection Molding

We are an ISO-certified of engineering, custom injection molding, and contract manufacturing. Our clients bring demanding applications requiring electronics plastic injection molding services and best served by expert engineers.

Elimold specializes in electronics plastic injection molding

Elimold offers complete tooling, mold making, and plastic injection molding of high precision parts for the electronics industry. We have extensive experience working within AS9100 procedures in a Total Quality Managed (TQM) environment. Our systems are equipped to offer full traceability of products and materials throughout the entire manufacturing process.

We have a long history of providing contract manufacturing services for enterprises that require very tight tolerances, and a high level of precision.

With technology in the electronics industry continuously driving production to smaller components, it is important to work with a company that has the expertise to produce tiny parts at a lower cost and a higher speed.

What Electrical Components Do We Currently Provide Injection Molding Services?

We provide plastic injection molding services for an array of electric & electronic components. Some of the electrical products that we currently produce are electrical housings (plastic housing that encases electrical components) timers, electrical machinery, and various electrical components & controls.

Numerous kinds of test equipment, lighting, sensors are important in electrical field. Manufacturing these parts correctly is integral in providing our customers with accurate arts that are high-performing. Electrical devices are needed for long term uses quality is key. And that is what we provide. Plastic is actually an ideal material for use in electronics because it can be either conductive or non-conductive plastic resin. When combined with watertight seals can be UV resistant with the ability to be used in flexible or rigid applications.

One-Stop Solution for Your Injection Molding Electronics

  • Product Development
  • Based on customer feedback and prototype testing, the development plan was outlined, and a solution that led to the best home and office equipment components was selected.
  • Prototype and Pre-production
    The prototype model can be developed within a few days to meet your engineering and home and office equipment parts market needs.
  • Mold Design
    A full range of mold design and engineering design-our team of experienced designers and engineers can help you complete any size of home and office equipment accessories projects.
  • Mold making
    Familiar with mold manufacturing technology, high-precision CNC machine tools, advanced 3D software, 3D inspection equipment, and mold flow analysis software. These technologies ensure the overall quality of the mold.
  • Injection molding of electronicl parts
    Efficient molding of household and office electrical parts, from manufacturing to delivery.
  • Assembly and packaging
    Whether it is a simple manual assembly or a highly automated multi-assembly process, we provide customers with high-quality home and office equipment accessories with precise dimensions and performance requirements.

precision Electronics plastic injection molding

Our precision injection molding options include scientific molding, R&D molding, high-cavitation molding, micro molding, over molding, and insert molding.

Our mold maintenance plans for projects that include electronics plastic injection molding services ensure each mold undergoes regular cleaning and review at predefined intervals based upon the number of setups and cycles. Mold inspections, general mold maintenance, major mold maintenance and preventative maintenance are standard operating procedures.

Our mid to high-volume automated and semi-automated manufacturing of plastic injection-molded components, including electronics plastic injection molding, and assemblies for single-use, metered-dose, and multi-use disposables for the drug delivery, consumer packaging and diagnostics industries offer high quality at economical value.

Our electronics plastic injection molding product finishing capabilities include hot stamping, banding, pad printing, silk screening, flaw coating, conductive painting, cosmetic painting, metalizing, and plating.

Our assembly and joining capabilities include product filling, foil/heat sealing, ultrasonic welding, heat staking, mechanical assembly, pinning & UV/hot melt gluing, custom packaging/kitting, and pouching.

Our Injection Molding for Electronics & Other Capabilities

We provide many of our customers with high-volume custom plastic injection molded prototypes for electrical components. Our injection molding process for structural electronics allows for incredible accuracy at a cost-efficient price. By melting plastic resin pellets and injecting the material into a closed metal mold tool, the resin material settles into the mold, creating complex geometric shapes and accurate measurements. Once the injected material has cooled, it is ejected, resulting in a design tool that acts as a prototype in the electronics design process.

Outside of our electronic injection molding capabilities, our customers often need low-volume custom electronic enclosures for electrical components. Our RTV Molding & Casting capabilities allow us to produce very large single-piece parts at a fraction of the cost when compared to injection molding, thermoforming, or rotational molding. For higher volume jobs, we offer 3D printing and for metal parts we provide CNC machining services. Room temperature vulcanized (RTV) molding and casting, or commonly known as urethane casting, is a cost-effective process for creating custom electronic enclosures. The silicone molds have the firmness to create the cavity needed to mold dimensionally accurate parts and the flexibility for the removal of custom parts that have complex geometries or even multiple undercuts.

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