CNC Grinding Services

Elimold offers the capability to execute your custom metal grinding projects with the quality and consistency that your precision products demand. Our full-service grinding department is equipped with a range of manual and CNC equipment capable of accommodating complex, close-tolerance surface and OD grinding operations.

Our Grinding Services

We offer centerless grinding, both in-feed and thru-feed, along with the capability to both straighten and grind bar stock for your Swiss machining needs. CNC I.D. and O.D. Cylindrical grinding can achieve tight tolerances and very straight parts between centers. Our CNC Thread Grinding department is capable of producing many thread forms and in piece counts ranging from one prototype, up to the thousand’s. With the use of robotics in many departments, we can be your department for production grinding jobs. We also have an extensive flat part department utilizing Blanchard grinders, surface grinders, and flat lapping machines. Along with our I.D. grinding capability, we also offer honing and jig grinding for your tight tolerance, straight holes.

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Precision CNC Grinding Services for High-Volume and Complex Solutions

Elimold uses computer numerically controlled grinding machines, better known as CNC grinding machines, for high-volume precision grinding. Conventional ID, OD, and surface precision grinding techniques are typically used for precision grinding on lower-quantity jobs with multiple features. CNC precision grinding is typically used for recurring precision grinding jobs requiring extreme, repeatable accuracy. CNC grinding services are also used for accuracy on difficult parts such as those requiring contour grinding, angles, tapers, spheres, radii, and shutoffs. The exacting digital nature of a CNC grinding machine ensures efficient processing that is consistent, repeatable, and identical every time.

Grinding Capabilities

  • Tolerance: 2um (0.002mm)
  • Grinded Material Size: Diameter: 10~400mm
  • Grinded Material Types: Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Copper, Free Cutting Steel, Stainless Steel, and so on.
  • Grinding Equipments: Surface Grinder, CNC Cylindrical Grinder, I.D. (Inner Diameter)/O.D. (Outer Diameter) Grinding machine, CNC Grinding Machine, CNC Dual-Spindle Grinder.
  • Inspection Equipments: TESA Coordinate Measuring Machine, OD Micrometer, Caliper, Mitutoyo Bore Gage, Mitutoyo Electronic Height Gage, TESA Surface Roughness Tester.
  • Grinded Product Types: Industrial components, Automobile parts, Sewing parts, Bearings, Sleeves, Gears, Collar, Needle tubing, Gaskets, Valve holder, Valve guide, Bevel gear, Shaft, Spindle, Washers, Valves, Die, Mechanical parts, and so on.
  • Intended Industries: Industrial, Automobile, Electronic, Aerospace, Sewing, Agricultural, Chemical, Dental, Food, Medical, Military, Machine Tool, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Packaging, Semiconductor, Security, Transportation, and so on.
  • Extended Services: Assembly, Anodizing, Boring, Bending, Broaching, Counter Sinking, Turning, Drilling, Deep Hole Drilling, Grooving, Heat Treating, Knurling, Laser cutting, Milling, Pressing, Plating, Planning, Reaming, Shaping, Sawing, Threading, Tapping, Welding.

Require high-quality grinding work?

In Elimold, you will find a high-quality partner that has its own grinding service. The grinding service delivers the very highest quality in the specific pre-processing of your carbide. Our permanent machines are temperature controlled, which enables us to guarantee you the greatest possible precision. We grind your carbide rods within µ (mu) range with a precise surface roughness. The machines are operated by qualified and certified staff in an extremely modern workshop.

CNC Thread Grinding (ID/OD)

CNC Cylindrical Grinding (ID & OD)

Centerless Grinding

Bars – Straighten and Grind

Flat Grinding (Surface and Blanchard)



Finishing Options for CNC Grinded Parts

Surface finishing refines the texture (lay, roughness, and waviness) of machined parts, enhancing functionality, durability, and aesthetics when applied properly. Our expert CNC Precision Grinding engineers recognize the critical role of flawless surface finishes, particularly in aerospace and medical applications. The following list highlights common finishes provided by our team for CNC ground parts.


Typically used on CNC Turned or CNC machined aluminum anodizing offers numerous benefits for components, including enhanced corrosion resistance, increased wear resistance, improved aesthetics through color options, optimized heat dissipation, and a stronger surface for long-lasting durability.Elimold offers various levels of anodized coatings from basic to hard anodizing based on your component finishing requirements.


Fine polishing can be applied to CNC ground parts with high surface finish requirements. A surface roughness of Ra0.008μm can be achieved with our polishing processes.Elimold also has many years of experience in tool and die molds which often require this method.

As Machined

As-machined parts are components that come directly from the machine. This finish is suitable for those prioritizing dimensional integrity over aesthetics. Precision CNC grinding is for components needing strict geometric tolerances and high-quality surface finishes. Surface roughness finishes typically range from 1.6 μm Ra to as low as 0.8 μm Ra.

1.6 μm Ra – Recommended for stressed parts and tight fits, this Ra rating is adequate for surfaces bearing light loads and slow-moving components.

0.8 μm Ra – Regarded as high-grade, this surface finish demands precise control during production. It is essential for parts subject to stress concentration, intense vibration, and fast rotation.

Surface Plating

Chrome Plating: A decorative thick plating layer suitable for preventing surface color change and providing functional advantages like high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, and reduced friction.
TIN (Titanium Nitride): Offers outstanding corrosion protection, exceptional solderability, and favorable contact resistance.
TiCN (Titanium Carbon Nitride) & TiALN (Titanium-Aluminium-Nitride): Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 500°C, these coatings provide high strength, impressive wear resistance, and low friction, preventing adhesion. Common applications include cutting tools, punches, dies, and pins.
DLC (Diamond-like Carbon): Features a unique blend of extreme hardness and low friction coefficient. The DLC process is employed in fields such as eyewear, mechanical engineering, medical technology, and housings for cameras and smartphones.

Black Oxide

Black oxide finishing delivers several advantages for components, such as corrosion protection, reduced light reflection, improved aesthetics with a sleek black appearance, enhanced lubrication properties, and minimal dimensional changes.Unlike painting or plating surface treatments, black oxide will not chip or flake.

Sand Blasting

We can provide a variety of sandblasted finishes to meet customers surface finishing requirements.Elimold is well experienced with sandblasting of medical instruments, automotive parts, and electronic device components that require precise measurements and impeccably smooth surfaces.

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Your Premier Provider of Precision Grinding Services

Precision grinding of machined parts is essential in a wide range of industries, from the electronics and medical-device to the aerospace and automotive industries, countless parts require precision grinding to meet their fit and function. It is usually the final process in the manufacturing cycle, where tight tolerances are required to achieve the Engineer’s goal. Whether it is a tight tolerance, a precision smooth surface finish, or a hardened material that can not be machined, at Elimold., we have a reputation for providing quality precision grinding services to meet your unique needs.

Custom Online CNC Grinding Services

Get rapid quotes for custom parts with our online CNC Grinding Service,Elimold has been a leading supplier of precision grinding services for aircraft parts and other components in various industries including medical, nuclear and commercial. Customers should always know the condition of their parts and whether the parts meet their specifications. With dozens of experienced and committed employees, we are confident we can perform your most demanding grinding jobs.