Hardware Startups

Elimold provides hardware startups with custom manufacturing solutions that help accelerate product development and scale production. We provide customers with services such as customized parts manufacturing, mold making, and small batch production.

On-demand manufacturing for hardware startups

We know hardware development is difficult. In hardware development, rapid iteration is critical, but is often more expensive and slower. What if you could speed up design iteration cycles, build production lines, and even produce low-volume products without any capital investment?
Working with Elimold, you have your own hardware design and can modify it at any time. We use a real-time quoting system trained on machine learning technology to provide quotes in clicks instead of waiting for days. Customers will receive real-time DFM feedback on custom production jobs, delivery deadlines and quotes. Design, prototype, redesign. Harness the power of Elimold for all your supply chain needs.

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Accelerate hardware development, reduce risk, and build an agile supply chain

The risk and engineering involved in hardware startups and product development can be challenging. Startup iterations can be limited due to budget constraints, technical capabilities, and competitive timelines.
In part one, we worked to help level the playing field for hardware startups. Our low-volume manufacturing services and rapid prototyping solutions are ideal for rapid testing, commissioning, design iterations and marketing presentations to investors. Our engineers have developed expertise from years of working with hardware startups to conduct critical design evaluations, perform design-for-manufacturability analysis, and capitalize on opportunities to help you shorten your product development cycle.

Metal and plastic parts for hardware startups

Elimold works with several hardware startups on prototyping projects, reducing lead times and manufacturing costs. Our digital manufacturing routing algorithms and our suppliers can help you route and optimize your projects to minimize lead times without causing you any hassle and help you innovate quickly. We have professional 3D printing,injection molding, Sheet Metal Fabrication and CNC machining equipment for rapid prototyping. Elimold is great at helping startups reduce time to concept and can help you do the same. Elimold has several rigorously vetted, ISO-certified factories to help you manufacture components of the highest quality with the fastest delivery times. We can make one non-prototype 3D printed or CNC machined part or scale to millions of parts. We use a distributed manufacturing supply chain to help you manufacture your parts without any supply chain hassles.

Hardware startups and the best path to high-volume manufacturing

Once a startup has a vetted product ready for manufacturing and production, they have two options. They can choose to manufacture in-house or outsource the work through a contract manufacturer (CM). The right path to high-volume production depends on the financial and employee resources the startup has. Yet most hardware startups end up hiring a contract manufacturer (CM) to provide all production and manufacturing services. Working closely with clients, CMs typically plan out a full-service manufacturing process that includes assembly, procurement and supply chain management, quality control, and possible design adjustments.

Scale Your Startup's Manufacturing

Hardware start-ups have to innovate fast. We, at Elimold, provide you with digital manufacturing services to either manufacture your prototype with the shortest possible lead times, or to scale up to medium to high production runs.

Improved Designs

Using on-demand manufacturing, startups can reduce design complexity.

Build parts with integrated construction. This new construction reduces the number of sub-assemblies and shortens assembly times

These simplified designs can be lighter and perform better, ensuring the final product’s quality.

Faster Time to Market

Iterate quickly and improve designs to get your product in customers’ hands.

Validate your ideas with high speed and low investment. Receive your prototype fast and then iterate as needed to make improvements.

You can quickly test and implement product improvements with the faster design cycles made possible by the Elimold platform.

Fundamental Applications for Startups

  • Creation of optimized high-performance parts, such as customized robotic grips with functional design
  • Rapid production of prototypes to validate designs and conduct functional tests faster
  • Efficient manufacturing of customized jigs and tools in small batches to produce first series parts cheaper
  • Small on-demand production runs for the first small-series realization

Custom metal & plastic parts

Complete manufacturing solution for your metal & plastic components including for components requiring multiple manufacturing processes along with post processing & quality inspection.

  • Chipsets and Semiconductors
  • Chassis, brackets, and enclosures
  • Automotive hardware
  • CPUs and GPUs
  • Exterior unibody and housing compartments
  • Buttons, dials, and haptic sensors
  • Drives, ports, fans, heat sinks
  • Mobile device components
  • Wireless device modules
  • Laptop screens and external accessories
  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Hardware panels and ICUs
  • Medical devices
  • Other

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