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Aerospace Plastic Injection Molding Services

Injection molding is an integral part of creating parts used in aerospace engineering. Aerospace parts created through injection molding include turbine housings, turbine blades and pin maps used to mold carbon or glass fibers into sheet applications. Designers work closely with engineers to ensure the parts meet performance criteria. Molded parts used in the aerospace industry must be built with the greatest precision. The parts can only be made according to perfect specifications and accurate measurements. Through this attention to detail the products will be able to endure the demanding conditions required in aerospace applications.

Providing High-Quality Plastic Injection Molding Solutions For The Aerospace Industries

Elimold proudly provides aerospace plastic injection molding for manufacturers creating parts for airplanes. While we don’t provide fully functioning, life-sized 3D printed airplanes, we can use our injection molding capabilities to manufacture parts on a wide spectrum of materials that are used for aerospace projects and aircraft prototypes.

As the commercial airplane industry has boomed, so has the demand for fly-friendly functions for passengers. We have helped develop injection molding parts that are vital to aerospace safety protocols and functionality. From helping companies with their emergency exit plan to designing new overhead bins, our aerospace plastic injection molding parts serve as a vital component in the aerial design process.

Every year, we broaden our offerings to improve our injection molding services for the aerospace industry. If you’re looking for aerospace plastic injection molding for aircraft, contact our team so we can discover the best way to help you finish your new innovation in the aerospace industry.

Materials And Processes

Plastic injection molding for aerospace and military/defense applications involves engineered resins and complex mold cavities. Careful control of the molding process, including gate design, temperature, and pressure, is necessary to produce the highest quality parts. These parts also require multiple post-molding services like drilling, cnc machining, plating, and sheet metal fabrication. Elimold offers these services all in one process to help reduce costs.

Aerospace Plastic Injection Molding parts
Aerospace Plastic Injection Molding Services parts

Injection Molded Aerospace Components & Parts

Plastic products and components in the Aerospace Industry that we are proud to supply include:

  • Radomes of all shapes and sizes
  • Plastic aerospace parts and components used in unmanned aircraft
  • Battery housings
  • Circuit boxes
  • Spacers
  • Knobs
  • Spinners
  • Connectors
  • Pitot tubes
  • Enclosures

The Role of Plastic Injection Molding and Prototyping

Prototype parts are essential for validating product designs. Some prototypes enable verification of fit and finish while others are needed for functional testing. While dimensionally accurate pieces can be 3D printed or machined from a solid, these options typically lack the look, feel and mechanical properties of molded parts.
Injection molding and plastic part prototyping offer multiple advantages over the services that other aerospace additive manufacturing companies provide, including:

  • Better testing: Get parts made in the actual grades of material specified by the design team that are ready to test.
  • Sleeker appearance: Molded parts have the required surface finish and appearance.
  • No resolution limitations: Many additive techniques have clear layering that affect the appearance and possibly the function of a component, whereas injection molding does not.
  • Production-grade parts: In addition to prototyping, injection molding is ideal for short-run aerospace parts manufacturing with production-grade materials, capable of producing lightweight parts for critical aerospace applications.

Advantages Of Aerospace Injection Molding Solutions

In this age of technological advancement we propel our selves across the sky and beyond at breakneck speed. Defense aviation, commercial aviation, unmanned aviation, and satellite deployments are in need of manufacturers that understand the complexity of product engineering and the stringent compliance specifications that co-pilot each project. At Elimold we know that design, engineering, and materials are put through some of the harshest conditions imaginable subject to temperatures in excess of 3000 degrees and speeds in excess of Mach 25 (17,000mph). Our “CFT” (Cross functional Team) management model means that our clients are assigned dedicated engineers and project managers for each phase of the product life-cycle. The individuals that comprise that team are well-versed in the state of art, and are present from the very first meeting and remain in tune and available during development, production and delivery phases. Let Elimold plastic injection molding be an extension of your company and be assured that our success depends solely on yours.

Cost efficiency through functional integration / complex geometries

Complex assemblies of dissimilar materials and components are expensive and require precise matching of designs to ensure system fit and performance. With injection molding, we realise complex geometries with the highest precision in a cost-effective manner. By using technologies such as insert and overmolding, we integrate functionalities and replace assembly operations. Our solutions improve engineering strength and sustainability while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Aerospace Plastic parts

Overmolding of thermoplastics composite materials

We develop thermoplastics composites for specific applications and manufacture them in-house. Through overmolding we achieve lightweight aerospace solutions with exceptional mechanical strength and can also increase efficiency and sustainability.

For Your Aerospace Components & Parts Trust Elimold

Elimold is a trusted aerospace injection molding company with decades of expertise. We deliver high-quality aerospace components and parts that will and exceed your expectations.
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