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Automotive Injection Mold

Elimiold is an ODM and OEM manufacturer of automotive plastic injection molding parts and automotive moulds. We work with both
saloon and commercial automobile manufacturers to develop solutions that are suitable for their brands. Our design team is experienced in creating comfortable, luxurious, and functional interior & exterior automotive parts and moulds within your budget. We also have professional auto engineering experts that ensure all the automotive injection molding solutions we offer are optimized
for assembly.

Your Reliable Automotive Plastic Injection Mold Companies

Plastic mold is the mother of industry, and it is required by almost all of the product components in modern manufacturing. Injection mould is important process equipment for the production of the various industrial products. With the rapid development of the plastics industry and the promotion, application of plastic product in the aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding and automotive industries, the requirement of product to molds are becoming more and higher.

Elimold is a professional mold manufacturer located in shenzhen China, which are specialized in Automotive parts, Consumer Electronics, Medical Care, Household mold making. Elimold ambitioned to be one of the best supplier of one stop for plastic mold making, injection molding for Automobile and other industrial; Based on this Target, we accumulated extensive experience on precision Auto mold & injection molding.

How We Build Injection Moulds to Support Your Automobile Business

Elimold employs some of the best engineering experts to create a wide variety of designs. We utilize designing software to fulfill all of your mold specifications. Just give us your design, and we could have the design ready for you in no time.

Once we receive your specifications, we will have our team of highly skilled engineers to design your molds. With our molding technology, we will utilize our precision molding software to design molds that are as accurate and effective as possible.

When you give us confirmation for your specifications and molding designs, we will have our wide array of CNC machines to manufacture your mold design. With our computer controlled machining system, we can ensure only the best prototypes for your company.

Once we get confirmation for your mold prototype, we will finish and assemble all your products. With our specialized injection molding technology, we are capable of creating a multitude of copies of your products, with little to no fuss or wasted material.

Automotive Plastic Injection Mold Applications

Custom plastic injection molder, designer and manufacturer of precision injection molds using engineering grade resins, glass, tungsten, carbon and iron filled materials for automotive, aerospace, electronic, marine, medical and telecom applications. Services include molding, overmolding, insert molding, in-house tooling, computer-aided design and manufacturing, product development, prototypes and models, materials evaluation, inspection, testing, maintenance and mold flow analysis. Secondary operations includes assembly, CNC machining, ultrasonic welding, milling, reaming, tapping, heat inserting, decorating, hot stamping and special packaging. ISO 9001 compliant/ITAR compliant/CAGE Code 4EQV3. Special mold/tooling repair/refurbish services.

Automotive Injection Mold

Automotive Plastic Injection Mold in various part

In Automotive plastic injection mold, we can also differentiate by the auto parts.

● Automotive plastic injection mold in lighting require good design in optics and the pattern. The polish work of automotive plastic injection mold in lighting requires mirror polish to get a glossy finished lens part.

● Automotive plastic injection mold in Interior parts require good finished surface especially for parts needs to be electro chrome plating and precision in assembly mechanism.

● Automotive plastic injection mold in outer parts require good texture design especially for parts require etching and precision in assembly mechanism.

Why Automotive Manufacturers Choose Elimold

Elimold can produce a variety of automotive parts regardless of the vehicle design. ODM and OEM services are available.

We help control costs and create a timetable for your project, taking full advantage of our supply chain network and injection molding capabilities.

We use engineering-grade resins sourced from reliable suppliers and have the production process under stringent quality control.

Perfect combination of advanced machines and specialized techniques guarantees the car part is built to your exact requirements.

Let's get started on your new project!

We fully understand how your automotive injection molding tooling schedule directly affects your vehicle launch plans. We can help you start on time.

At our ISO and IATF certified factory in China, our mold making methods ensure your molds meet specifications, test well, ship on time and run well on your injection molding machine.