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Stock Plastics

Partnering with companies that have inventory of plastic materials can speed up time-to-market for projects

Choosing an injection molding partner with an inventory of in-stock plastic materials helps bring products to market faster and cheaper. When designing injection molding, material selection is critical. This is because it affects the quality, performance and overall integrity of the finished part.
Elimold has dozens of resins to choose from. Common plastic materials are the best choice for the desired fit, shape and function.

Material FamilyMaterial GradeColor
ABSPlatable Lustran PG298Gray
ABSTerluran GP22Natural
ABSTerluran GP22Black
ABSLustran 348Sno-White
ABSFRA-202 4051Black
ABSFRA-202 L80714White
ABSFRA-202 L60380Red
ABSFRA-202 L31713Gray
ABS/PCBayblend T85XFBlack
ABS/PCBayblend T85XFNatural
ABS/PCBayblend T65XFBlack
ASALuran S777KNatural
COPOTritan TX1001​Natural
HDPEAlathon H6017Black
HDPEAlathon H6017Natural
HIPSAmsty 478WClear
LCPVectra A130Black
LDPEGP Dow 959SNatural
LDPEGP Dow 959SBlack
PAZytel 101LNatural
PAZytel 101LBlack
PAZytel 70G13HS1Natural
PAZytel 70G13HS1Black
PAZytel 70G33HS1LNatural
PAZytel 70G33HS1LBlack
PAZytel 77G15L NC010Natural
PBTValox 420SEONatural
PBTValox 357Black
PCMarkrolon Rx2530-1118Blue Tint
PCMarkrolon Rx2530-1118Clear
PCRX1805-1118Blue Tint
PCMakrolon 2407Clear
PCMakrolon 2458Clear
PCMakrolon 2405Clear
PCMakrolon 2405Black
PCMakrolon 6717Clear
PC/PBTXenoy 5220UBlack
PEBAPEBAX 7233Natural
PEEKVictrex 450GNatural
PEIUltem 1000Natural
PETRynite 530-BK503Black
PETGEastar 6763Natural
PMMAAcrylic Clear Plexiglas V825-100Clear
POMDelrin 500PNatural
POMDelrin 500PBlack
POMCelcon M90Natural
POMCelcon M90Black
PPGP 2020Black
PPIPP 2020 (Copolymer)Natural
PPProfax 6323Natural
PPAZytel HTN 51G35HSL NC1010Natural
PPE/PSNoryl GFN2Natural
PPSRyton R-4-02Natural
PSTotal 500WClear
PSUUdel P-1700Natural
PVDFKynar 720Natural
Soft PVCGeon HC 2155Natural
TPEVersaflex OM-6258Black
TPEVersaflex OM-6240Black
TPEVersaflex OM-1060X-1Black
TPEVersaflex OM-1040X-1Black
TPUTexin 983Natural
TPUTexin STXNatural
TPVSantoprene 101-35Black
TPVSantoprene 101-55Black
TPVSantoprene 101-64Black
TPVSantoprene 101-80Black
TPVSantoprene 201-55Natural
TPVSantoprene 201-73Natural

Elimold's stock plastic materials available for injection molding

If you don't see the material you need. Please contact us!