Laser Engraving Services

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to engrave? Laser engraving is one option you can choose. It helps in engraving anything defined by the customer with the help of laser. There are several methods of this process, each with their own advantages. At Elimold, you can get precise and affordable laser engraving services. It is a non-contact process and has a larger market than usual since it relies on heat to achieve the desired effect.

Our Service

Elimold is an excellent laser engraving service provider dedicated to providing the highest quality products. Laser engraving is a precise and adaptable technology for etching designs or marks on a variety of materials. In order to meet the needs of our customers, Elimold offers a variety of laser engraving services, including depth engraving, surface engraving and rotational engraving.
One of the biggest advantages of using laser engraved parts is the precision and accuracy of the laser cutter, our service guarantees a dimensional tolerance of ±0.13 mm and a laser cut of 0-0.2 mm. All parts we produce are produced to this level of precision regardless of order quantity and to ensure parts are cut and engraved to the highest standards we stock a range of laser cutting technologies including CO2 and fiber optics. Additionally, this dimensional accuracy and laser cutting is available on all of the 200+ engineering materials we stock.

Laser Engraving Technologies

A variety of laser machine types are employed for laser engraving services. These are the three primary categories:

  • LED Laser
  • CO2 Laser
  • Fiber Laser
metal laser engraver


With Elimold’s laser engraving, multiple engravings of the same pattern will always be the same. Fine artwork can be completed efficiently and quickly. We are also able to accommodate a variety of materials including metal, stainless steel, coated metal, carbon steel and plastic. We carve on round surfaces, such as water bottles, and create patterns in areas that are nearly inaccessible with other techniques.

What is laser engraving?

During the laser engraving process, a laser beam removes material, creating depressions with different surface structures, so-called laser engraving. Many materials can be engraved using lasers. For example, when laser engraving metal, it produces rough structures that appear black and smooth structures that appear white.
Laser engraving is often used in the automotive industry or the electromechanical industry. But laser engraving is also often used to create marks and deep engravings in rapid prototyping and rapid tooling.

laser engraving

Benefits of Custom Laser Engraving

Laser engraving may just be the solution you need to take your project to the next level. Benefits of using laser technology for industrial applications include:

  • Highly efficient
  • Compatible with a range of materials and depths
  • Provides excellent quality and repeatability
  • Produces zero wasted material
  • Cost-effective option for lower production volumes

Types of Laser Engraving

Micro Engraving – Laser marking provides clean and readable solutions for customers ranging from small specialty shops to leading manufacturers with the character height being as small as .005” tall. The micro engraving process is an excellent method for security markings.   When precision is essential, High Tech Laser has the skills and equipment necessary.

Deep Engraving  Our deep engraving capabilities for the mold making and industrial market enable us to mark logos, part identifications, and bar codes on a variety of metal materials, graphite, wood, and acrylics.  Our lasers can engrave .070” deep and deeper into hardened tool steels.

3D Engraving –  We pride ourselves in the advanced technology, receiving a patent, and having the skills necessary to engrave complicated three-dimensional graphics, logos, and more into metal, plastic and wood materials.

wood laser engraver

Laser Engraving Applications

Despite its limitations in terms of versatility, laser engraving remains a highly adaptable technology with extensive applications. Here are a few typical applications for laser engraving, along with some examples of industries that profit from them:

  • Awards and Trophies
  • Barcode Creation
  • Decorative or Commemorative Annotations
  • Medical and Electronic Components
  • Signage

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When it comes to fulfilling your engraving needs, the laser engraving process is an ideal solution because of its ability to deliver high-precision, sophisticated designs. The expertise of our laser engraving team and the ability of our machines to deliver unparalleled quality makes laser engraving from Elimold an easy and cost-effective option. You can get a quote on the online quoting platform or request a quote for your project from our experts.