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Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) 3D Printing Service

Whether you need specific part geometry for performance enhancements or a cost-effective repair process for high-dollar components, Elimold’s experts offer the Metal Additive Manufacturing process that can get you results in days. Our engineers can move you quickly from concept and design to manufactured products.


Professional DMLS 3D printing service

Our mechanical engineers in various industries provide custom DMLS 3D printed parts for applications in multiple industries: space, aerospace, automotive, defense, hardware startups, industrial automation, machinery, manufacturing, medical devices, oil and gas, and robotics. Use Elimold’s expert DMLS 3D printing services. With our professional DMLS 3D printing capabilities, customers can get competitive prices and short lead times from elimold. We specialize in providing you with everything you need for a custom DMLS 3D printing project, from rapid prototyping and low-volume production of metal DMLS 3D printing for industrial applications.

DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering)

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) – also known as DMP (Direct Metal Printing) – uses a precise, high-wattage laser to micro-weld powdered metals and alloys to form fully functional metal components direct from CAD data. In many cases, DMLS eliminates time-consuming tooling and can create complex geometries impossible with other metal manufacturing processes. While Stainless Steel is the most commonly utilized material, other options include Inconel, Aluminum, and Titanium. DMLS parts are strong, durable, and heat-resistant. DMLS parts are also denser than investment cast metal parts. This exact metal 3D printing process provides fine feature detail, making it ideal for complex oil and gas components, intricately detailed small components, custom medical guides, consolidated aerospace parts, and tough, functional prototypes.


Features of DMLS

Strength & Durability

Fully densed metal material with strong mechanical and dynamic properties, perfect for end-use parts.


DMLS allows to integrate multiple components as well as thin-walled objects and intricate geometries that traditional method won’t be capable of.

Scalable Volume

Multiple, identical parts can be built on a single platform at one time, greatly increasing production efficiency.


Metal 3D printed parts do not require tooling which reduces the manufacturing lead time from weeks to days, allowing for faster innovation and speed to market.


Designs can be made quickly with a minimum of material waste while maximizing strength.

Material Selection

A variety of metal alloys are available for special requests like Inconel, brass and even tooling steel.

Get your CAD model 3D printed with DMLS Technology

We provide designers and manufacturers with a variety of 3D printing services, to create custom high-performance prototypes, tooling, manufacturing aids, end-use parts, and low-volume production.
By applying DMLS Technology, our staff of highly-experienced specialists are capable of meeting the most stringent demands in terms of time, cost and precision in the creation of your part.

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DMLS Technology Advantages

How does it work?

DMLS micro-welds powdered metals and alloys using a precise, high-power laser to form fully functional metal parts from your CAD models.

DMLS parts are made from powdered materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, as well as other niche alloys.

Finished parts

Raw DMLS parts have a surface finish comparable to fine investment cast parts, sometimes requiring professional finishing services.

elimold offers a full range of specialist finishing operations, including precision machining, media blasting, surface grinding, and milling.

Create metal parts faster

Metal 3D printing is ideal for complex oil and gas components, custom medical guides, part-consolidated aerospace parts, and tough, functional prototypes.

Utilize the design freedom of DMLS and produce accurate metal components in less time than other manufacturing methods.


Why choose elimold company?

Elimold is a full-service provider of additive manufacturing solutions. We provide complete process execution, including reverse engineering, process parameter development, powder and substrate characterization, surface profile preparation, material application, finishing, and inspection services. All processes are controlled in-house to ensure quality results.

Direct Metal 3D Printing Materials

DMLS Materials Available at elimold:
Material NameDescriptionData Sheets

3D Printed Aluminum AlSi10Mg

Lightweight aluminum alloy. A great alternative to machining complex geometries.

AlSi10Mg Data Sheet

3D Printed Stainless Steel 17-4

Fully-Dense 17-4 PH stainless steel metal, hardness 40 HRC, heat treatable.

SS 17-4 Data Sheet

3D Printed Stainless Steel 316/L

Fully-dense 316L stainless steel metal, superb corrosion resistance, meets requirements of ASTM F138.

SS 316/L Data Sheet

Additional materials are available upon request! Review more information about our materials here.


Available Finishes

Applications for DMLS 3D Printing

Production Parts

The high accuracy and consistency of DMLS 3D Printing makes it an ideal way to build large quantities of discrete or customized parts.

Tooling Parts

DMLS 3D Printing can be used to create fully-functional prototypes, complete with moving parts, as well as all-in-one assemblies.

Concept Models

The speed and versatility of DMLS 3D Printing lets product developers create physical snapshots of their designs through the iterative process.

DMLS 3D Printing for Industrial Applications

DMLS 3D printing is very versatile and can be set up for relatively hands-free production, which makes them ideal for many industries, including automotive, electronics, aerospace & defense, robotics, and medical.

Consumer Products
Art & Creative
DMLS Produces High-Quality Metal Parts Without Tooling

Our Manufacturing Supplier Network gives you massive on-demand production capacity with a wide range of DMLS machines and high-performance materials.
Designers often chose DMLS for its ability to produce all-in-one metal assemblies and highly precise metal parts with complex features like internal supports and lattices. DMLS does not have upfront setup or tooling costs, making it an affordable option for fully dense metal parts. With MLS’s affordability, speed, and superior design freedoms, companies and creators can build metal designs they never thought possible.

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