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Robotics 3D printing

Robotics projects involve hundreds or thousands of parts working perfectly together. Additive manufacturing offers the opportunity to produce these unique parts with the tight tolerances and flawless finish you expect. With a variety of materials to suit any project specifications, 3D printing is the ideal solution. Get ready to power your robotics projects with 3D printing!

Provide customized robotic solutions

Currently, robots are widely used in various industries, and many companies create customized robots based on the specific needs of their automated processes. Engineers play a vital role in designing and developing these robots, ensuring they have unique features and best-in-class performance. The use of 3D printing technology has become a valuable tool in this process.
Engineers use 3D printing to design and test prototype robots designed to automate tasks that would be dirty or dangerous for humans. This approach allows them to fine-tune their robotic solutions to meet the precise operational requirements imposed by their customers. In addition, 3D printing can quickly produce customized robots based on approved prototypes, ensuring quick turnaround.
When creating these custom robotic solutions, companies are utilizing 3D printers not only to design the robots, but also to manufacture the actual designs. This integration of 3D printing technology simplifies the development process and helps to efficiently deliver customized robotic solutions.

Application of 3D printing in the field of robotics

Robotic Design

From a rapid prototype to a finished product, 3D print custom robot designs, choosing from over 90+ materials and finishes.

  • Affordable, industrial-grade prototypes
  • No minimum orders
  • Perfect for complex designs that integrate multiple functions into one part

Robotic Modifications

Develop unique modifications for your robotic needs.

  • Custom housings and parts
  • Tooling and jigs
  • Replacement parts
  • Durable and long-lasting materials from steel to nylon

Robotic Prosthetics

Develop custom 3D printed robotic limbs designed for a perfect fit and ergonomic design.

  • Human prosthetics
  • Animal prosthetics
  • Robotic attachments and parts

Customization and rapid prototyping

3D printing enables unparalleled customization in robot design. Engineers and researchers can easily create custom robotic components suited to specific tasks or environments. This level of customization not only improves the robot’s performance, but also reduces the time and costs associated with prototyping and development. Rapid iteration of robot designs is now possible, accelerating the innovation cycle in robotics.

Robotics 3D printing product
Robotics 3D printing

3D printing robot capabilities

3D printing robotics covers smaller projects such as robotic arms, as well as grasping, clamping and fastening mechanisms. Many robotics designers are also involved in 3D printing drone frames and complex drone parts with many special features.
Robots are often produced in high volumes and are designed to perform the same tasks – such as on an assembly line. Elimold production ensures part accuracy and repeatability so that each 3D printed robot is created identical, providing consistency across every project or task.
No matter the size or complexity of your 3D printed robotics project, 3D printing can make the process faster and more efficient. Designers and engineers enjoy tremendous freedom in design, the ability to customize as needed, and unlimited opportunities for iteration during robotic product development.

Materials Adapted To Robotics Applications

  • Nylon PA12 : Adaptable and Versatile for Enclosures
  • Ultrasint® PA11 ESD: Electrostatic Discharging Properties
  • Ultrasint® TPU01: High flexibility and shock absorption
Robotics 3D printing service
Robotics 3D printing part

Robotics Post-Processing Capabilities

  • Anodizing
  • Passivization
  • Electroplating
  • Powder Coating
  • Insert Installation
  • Heat Treatment

Bring 3D printing to your automation and robotics projects

3D printing is revolutionizing the world of robotics, offering previously unimaginable customization, precision and affordability. The ability to create complex geometries, microrobots, custom end effectors and spare parts on demand is changing how robots are designed, manufactured and maintained. As 3D printing technology continues to develop, it will play an increasingly critical role in driving innovation, improving robot performance, and expanding the application of robots in different industries. The synergy between 3D printing and robotics is ushering in an exciting era where robots will become smarter, more adaptable, and highly specialized and will continue to reshape our world.

Start 3D printing for your robotics projects now!

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