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Get instant quotes on custom CNC Machining Carbon Fiber parts for prototypes, small batch and mass production with lowest cost.we carry out custom processing according to 3D files or drawings.

You Design, We Make

Elimold has been providing CNC machining carbon fiber parts to our customers. If you are looking for custom carbon fiber parts, we can make them a reality for you, just provide us with Auto CAD/Solid Works/DFX/STP or IGS files, if you don’t have any files, you can also send us your samples and we can customize them for you.
If you are considering a project that requires CNC machining, be sure to find a machinist who has experience cutting carbon fiber or leave the machining to us. We provide 24-hour engineering assistance and we have a professional support team. They can help you solve any carbon fiber manufacturing problems and are always available to help you with your orders.

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Carbon Fiber CNC Machining Suppliers

We offer more than just a machine shop. We work with our customers to understand project requirements, such as assembly tolerances and integration, structural stiffness, environmental concerns, and surface finish. Our engineering team helps designers and project managers analyze metal, plastic, and carbon fiber composite parts and assemblies, and then once final design approval is obtained, we provide turnkey manufacturing services.
We deliver complex CNC machined components quickly, whether for prototyping or production. Elimold specializes in the production of small to medium batches of machined components. As a professional CNC machining company, your organization will receive fast, professional customer service, engineering support, and high quality.
We have been engaged in CNC machining services for a long time and use only the best CNC machining materials to manufacture precision carbon fiber CNC machined parts, carbon fiber turned parts, carbon fiber milled parts, and more. We also do CNC fast custom machining, part design, carbon fiber prototyping, and production. We have a good reputation and our customers trust us because we have a wide range of carbon fiber components, we guarantee their quality, our prices are low, and we ship quickly. In CNC production machining, our goal is to keep prices low and delivery times short without compromising any part quality. This way, we can ensure every customer is satisfied, every time.

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Our Capabilities

Capabilities of CNC machining services for carbon fiber materials. Capable of manufacturing parts up to 4 inches thick with tolerances of +/- 0.003 inches. Other capabilities include boring, drilling, knurling, milling, turning, tapping, and threading. Design, prototyping, and drafting services are also available. From prototypes to low and high volume production.

Our Tolerances For Carbon Fiber CNC Machining

Our commitment to quality and precision stands out. With advanced measuring equipment, highly skilled QC inspectors, and a relentless pursuit of extreme tolerance, we offer custom CNC machining parts of the highest standard. Our expertise makes us an industry-trusted supplier you can rely on.

  • Grinding: general tolerances of ±0.02mm, can achieve ±0.01mm with a surface finish of N2/N3
  • CNC Turning: general tolerance of ±0.03mm, can achieve ±0.01mm with a surface finish of N4/N5
  • CNC Milling: general tolerance of ±0.03mm, can achieve ±0.01mm with a surface finish of N4/N5
  • Our CNC machine equipped with synchronized rigid tapping for perfect internal threads
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Get custom carbon fiber CNC machined parts with our online CNC machining services. Rapid prototyping produces parts in days, with ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance and fast delivery. Get a quote now.

What is Carbon Fiber Machining

Carbon fiber is a high molecular weight, high strength, high modulus fiber that is made up of carbon atoms bonded together to form long chains. The carbon content is over 90%. Therefore, it is very strong and lightweight. This allows carbon fiber to be used to manufacture a variety of complex parts using CNC machining processes.
Carbon fiber machining, also known as carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), is a collection of carbon fibers. It is used to manufacture high-performance, low-weight but durable components. Its versatility and efficiency have enabled tremendous manufacturing innovations in multiple industries.
CNC machining carbon fiber is a process that applies computer-controlled digital technology to remove excess material and complete any necessary cutting, turning or milling. This can be done using machine tools according to your specific programming needs before the final product can be obtained from the carbon fiber in its final form.

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Advantages of Carbon Fiber Parts

Carbon fiber (CF) is a term for high-strength, high-modulus fibers that have more than 90% carbon in them. Organic fibers (like viscose, pitch, polyacrylonitrile, etc.) are used to make it.
High-performance carbon fiber has great properties that can’t be found in many other materials. For example, it is light, strong, has a high modulus, can withstand high temperatures, is resistant to corrosion, erosion, and sputtering, and is easy to design and mix with other materials. Strategic new materials that are needed to make things like satellites, missiles, fighter jets, and ships that are at the cutting edge of technology.
Carbon fiber is an important new material that works very well. Its density is less than 1/4 that of steel, and its strength is 5–7 times that of steel. When compared to structural parts made of aluminum alloy, carbon fiber composite materials can cut weight by 20%–40%. When compared to steel metal parts, carbon fiber composite materials can cut weight by 60%–80%.

Precautions for Carbon Fiber CNC Machining

When using CNC to process carbon fiber products, problems such as delamination and tearing of carbon fiber materials are often encountered. In addition, the carbon fiber composite material formed by the fusion of carbon fiber and resin matrix is not difficult to process after curing. However, due to the low melting point of the resin, there may be burning during the processing due to overheating, which can cause performance damage to the carbon fiber product. CNC technicians need to fully consider the relationship between cutting force and deformation to ensure that processing does not affect quality.
When CNC precision machining carbon fiber products, the impact of oil pollution on the products should also be considered. It is possible to perform dry cutting without adding coolant, which not only softens and burns carbon fiber products, but also causes excessive tool wear. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable tool.

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Main Applications of CNC Cut Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a material with incredible strength and weight that can be cut with CNC machines. Due to its high rigidity and ability to absorb impact energy, carbon fiber is a popular composite material in industries where safety is of utmost importance. We cut carbon fiber with CNC machines and make any simple or complex carbon fiber part for you. Here are the main applications of CNC cut carbon fiber:

  • Advertising
  • Construction
  • Appliances
  • Machinery
  • Retail
  • Packaging
  • Railroads
  • Power generation
  • Heavy equipment
  • Drones
  • Motorcycles
  • Aircraft parts
  • Satellite parts
  • Automotive body panels
  • Interior parts
  • Chassis parts
  • Bicycle frames
  • Sports equipment
  • Fairings
  • Robots
  • Toy race cars
  • Marine
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Work with an experienced CNC machining supplier for your upcoming carbon fiber project. With Elimold’s carbon fiber CNC machining services, we bring precision and quality to every project. Our advanced 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machines ensure your carbon fiber designs are successfully realized. Partner with us for superior craftsmanship and reliable delivery on your next project.