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Semiconductor injection molding

Injection molding plays an important role in the manufacturing of electronic components, most of which utilize plastics due to their inert properties, flexible applications, conductive and non-conductive properties, and lower assembly costs.

Trusted Semiconductor Plastic Injection Molding Solutions

Elimold works closely with semiconductor industry experts who work with engineers to understand the unique challenges associated with all aspects of the semiconductor manufacturing process. We provide engineering assistance to help match the specifics of your application to available solutions.
Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to further customize your solution. With critical injection molding services, CNC machining and other advanced manufacturing options, along with a robust quality assurance program, we are able to meet the standards of the semiconductor industry.
Additionally, our team of design and polymer engineering experts will help you optimize the formability of your part design to increase efficiency during manufacturing and enable injection molding of materials that other injection molders cannot. Our unique capabilities allow us to mold virtually any thermoplastic polymer resin and additive composition, including but not limited to PEEK, PFA, Nylon, PVDF, PPS, ABS, PC, glass-reinforced and carbon fiber-reinforced polymers to increase strength and Chemical resistance and durability.

Additional Manufacturing Capabilities

Silicone and Urethane Casting are two methods for manufacturing high-quality electronic components, such as connectors, insulators, and encapsulating materials. Silicone casting is ideal for creating intricate shapes and high-temperature resistance components. In contrast, urethane casting is favored for replicating features with complex geometries and producing durable parts that can withstand harsh environments. Both methods can produce small to medium-sized batches of components quickly and cost-effectively with high precision and consistent quality.

Injection molding in the electronics and semiconductor field, it is used to manufacture components like connectors, switch housings, and device covers. Injection molding offers several advantages in electronic component production, such as low costs, high precision reproductions, and comprehensive design flexibility. Moreover, it allows the production of complex shapes and geometries that cannot be obtained using other techniques. Quality control is critical in the injection molding process, and various measures are taken to ensure that the final product complies with stringent requirements. These measures include using high-quality materials, providing proper mold design, and conducting rigorous testing and inspection of finished components. Injection molding has revolutionized electronic and semiconductor component manufacturing by offering an efficient and cost-effective method for producing high-quality products with high precision and complexity.

Semiconductor-related Dies

IC Lead Frame Products

In the back-end processes of semiconductor manufacturing, a semiconductor chip is anchored in the die pad area of a lead frame manufactured using IC lead frame dies and discrete dies, and the chip and an inner lead is wire-bonded with an item such as a gold wire. Afterwards, the semiconductor chip is sealed with resin (sealer) to protect it from damage or impacts (molding).

A plastic-sealed lead frame is separated into each semiconductor with semiconductor manufacturing equipment including T/C & T/F systems, laser-stamped, and then arranged/packaged in trays and tubes.

Semiconductors are tested for abnormalities through humidity/voltage testing, electrical property testing, and appearance inspection, and then defective parts are removed.

We design, manufacture, and sell resin casting molds and T/C & T/F equipment and molds used in the back-end processes of semiconductor manufacturing, in addition to IC sockets for injection-molded products and contact pins for processed metal parts used in final inspections.

Semiconductor injection mold 01
Semiconductor injection mold

Narrow-Pitch Molds

IC sockets are used in the final inspection in semiconductor manufacturing and are responsible for connecting devices and testers.

IC sockets are classified into bar-in sockets mainly for testing reliability such as durability, and test sockets for measuring electrical properties.

The photo shows an IC socket for a bar-in socket, with a narrow pitch of 0.4 to 0.5 mm for square (or round) holes.


Our compounding engineers specialize in the development of custom pellets, micro-pellets, granules, course powders, powders, fine powders, ultrafine powders, and other compound shapes in the following materials:

  • polyketone
  • PPS
  • polyphenylene-sulfide
  • PI
  • polyimide
  • PAI
  • polyamide-imide
  • PBI
  • polybenzimidazole
  • PEEK Compounds
  • aromatic
  • TPV
  • TPU
  • ABS
  • ASA
  • PC
  • GGPS
  • PMMA
  • SAN
  • PC/ABS
  • PC/PBT
  • PC/PET
  • CO-PP
  • H-PP
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • POK
  • Poketone
  • Torelina
  • Tolon
  • PEK Compounds
  • fiber reinforced plastics
  • Impact Modified PPS
  • Impact Modified POK
  • Impact Modified PES
  • PES
  • Polyether sulfone
  • Poly Olefom ketone
  • PK
  • Carillon
  • Carilon
  • Aliphatic Polyketone
  • PA

Why choose Elimold for your electronic and semiconductor component manufacturing projects?

Our customers choose us because we take great pride in our ability to manufacture electronic and semiconductor components with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Our expertise in cutting-edge additive manufacturing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication and other technologies allows us to produce parts that meet the most stringent specifications. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for companies looking for fast turnaround times and high-quality components. Whether you need a single piece or large-scale production, you can always count on us to deliver outstanding results.

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