Superalloys CNC Machining

Elimold is one of the few manufacturers that can process special alloys and high-temperature alloys, producing high-performance parts and custom products for a variety of industrial equipment. Our experienced team is ready to provide you with high-temperature alloy metal parts manufacturing services.

Special Complex Superalloys Parts Machining

Are you looking for a reliable and fast super alloy fabrication service provider and super alloy product manufacturer? Elimold’s team approaches each complex part through a rigorous pre-machining process development phase based on experience, knowledge and current manufacturing methods to find the best approach for your project.
Our engineers, designers and technicians are able to optimize product design, prototyping, CNC machining metal material selection and super alloy part production. We also have a fully equipped machine shop and advanced manufacturing facilities to provide custom high temperature alloy parts with simple or complex geometries, applying a variety of technologies including CNC milling, turning, drilling, wire cutting, grinding or other machining processes, as well as finishing services and more manufacturing methods. Whether you are looking to achieve high precision, repeatability or tight tolerances, our high temperature alloy fabricated parts can meet your needs.

Superalloys CNC Machining parts

Our Capabilities

  • CNC turning, milling & robotic welding
  • In-house passivation
  • Barcoding & kitting
  • Heat treating
  • Hard turning
  • Part-marking serialization
  • Laser engraving
  • Kanban material release
  • Lights-out machining operations
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • And more

Our Certifications & Quality Management

Superalloys are widely used in aerospace, defense, turbines, and nuclear power plants. To ensure we can meet the quality standards and production requirements of your industry’s orders, Elimold is ISO 13485:2016 certified, with quality control protocols that meet or exceed ANSI/ASQ z 1.4 and military standards and specifications. Other quality processes include:

  • Statistical process control to ensure specifications
  • Customized sampling programs
  • Strict internal inspection procedures
  • Quality training programs, audits, etc.
  • Documentation and invoicing upon request
  • And more!

Why choose us?

Elimold provides precision-engineered solutions tailored for extreme environments using advanced technology, unrivaled expertise and best-in-class material handling capabilities.

Precision and Accuracy

Elimold can achieve exceptional precision—accuracies ranging from +/-0.001″ to 0.005″, creating parts with exact specifications and high fidelity.

Prototypes to Production

Our facilities are equipped to transition seamlessly from single prototypes to high-volume runs, maintaining uniform quality across all production scales.

High-Quality Assurance

Stringent quality protocols with state-of-the-art inspection equipment ensure part conformity within +/-0.001″ to 0.005″, delivering reliable performance.

Expedited Turnaround times

Leveraging rapid machining processes and dedicated teams, we typically reduce part delivery times by 20-30%, boosting project momentum.

High Pressure Superalloy Custom Nickel Alloy Aluminum Titanium Alloy

Aerospace Superalloy Machining

Elimold has extensive experience in the complex machining of superalloys such as Inconel and Titanium. Inconel is a high-strength superalloy that is resistant to corrosion, high pressure and extreme temperatures. These properties make Inconel ideal for extreme environments such as aerospace and marine, and it is salt resistant.
For aerospace engine applications, materials such as Inconel that can maintain strength and resist corrosion in extreme temperatures are essential.
Inconel alloys are ideal for manufacturing a variety of aerospace components such as bolts, housings, rings, gaskets, sheet metal parts and many components of turbine engines.
However, the strength and resistance of Inconel presents significant challenges for machining, which requires high cutting forces and skilled operation to avoid tool breakage.
We have developed our machining technology in collaboration with the Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). This has enabled us to master the technology of machining complex aerospace components using Inconel.

Custom Superalloy Parts Applications

Our manufacturing services are used to produce a wide range of custom designed fabricated parts (such as Inconel CNC machining, Kovar CNC machining, Tungsten CNC machining, Molybdenum etching, etc.) and products in all areas of the industry:

  • Automotive
  • Bicycle
  • Game
  • Electronic
  • Semiconductor
  • Aerospace
  • Machinery
  • Robots
  • Medical
  • Watercraft
  • Bathroom
  • LED Lighting
  • Telecom
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Art & Crafts
  • Agriculture
  • Municipal Engineering
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Camera&Photo
Premium Professional CNC Machining Superalloy Titanium Alloy Casting Turbocharger Turbo Compressor Turbine Wheel
Prototypes to Production.jpeg

Surface treatments

  • anodizing
  • chemical conversion coating
  • passivation
  • plating
  • stress and embrittlement relief
  • etching,
  • painting
  • dry film application

What are superalloys used for?

Superalloys are used in situations where high performance and high temperature equipment are required. Where other alloys would melt, superalloys can continue to be used. Rockets and jet engines, for example, require superalloys. Power plants and other areas of the oil and gas industry also use superalloys. Understandably, the largest consumers of superalloys today are aviation and marine engine manufacturers. Superalloys are also common in the medical industry, which effectively uses them for prosthetic implants in orthopedic surgery. In addition, superalloys have been widely used in the power generation and oil and gas industries as key materials for important components of various equipment.

Start Your Super Alloy CNC Machining Project Today

Elimold has the experience to produce the components needed to produce high-quality CNC machined medical devices, implants, and parts for the aerospace and defense industries. Contact us today to discuss your super alloy CNC machining project or to request a quote to design your component.