Drone(UAV) CNC machining

Unleash innovation with premium drone prototypes and production parts. Accelerate product launches, reduce risk, and optimize production efficiency with cost-effective, on-demand manufacturing through CNC machining.

Providing comprehensive solutions for drone companies

Elimold tailors excellence to drone companies and enters the realm of unparalleled precision and reliability. Our suite of solutions meets stringent requirements, ensuring precision, quality and reliability. Join us to combine technology and expertise in aerospace manufacturing. Your drone project can be enhanced by our advanced manufacturing capabilities, which are designed to meet industry standards and exceed expectations. From precision parts to complex drone structures, our cutting-edge technologies ensure that every component we deliver is of best-in-class quality, precision and efficiency. Explore our range of capabilities and solutions that redefine excellence in drone manufacturing.

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Precision Drone Parts on Demand

Whether you are customizing a racing drone for competition or a quadcopter for cinematography, Elimold has the equipment and expertise to manufacture your custom parts to specifications. Create custom drone parts to improve performance, enhance appearance, replace damaged or defective components, or personalize and make your drone unique. Choose from a variety of high-strength and lightweight materials to optimize the function and appearance of your project. Get a quick design quote Easily design your custom part from scratch.

Drone Prototype Parts Manufacturing Services

Elimold prides itself on providing custom solutions to the drone market, enabling them to quickly innovate new solutions to tomorrow’s problems. Drones are entering new areas and our custom solutions enable innovation from the smallest drones to large drones. We offer a range of custom services from prototyping to low/mid volume production with fast lead times, allowing our customers to focus on design and innovation. We manufacture parts from a variety of aerospace grade materials and provide weight reduction solutions through CNC machining or carbon fiber parts.

Manufacturing Experience

We have many years of experience in manufacturing UAV product parts, skilled employees and cutting-edge equipment, providing customers with deep expertise and effective solutions. UAV precision parts are generally processed by CNC machining. Elimold has accumulated rich experience in custom processing, with precision CNC processing, various surface treatment processes, assembly processes and a full set of testing services to ensure product quality. Moreover, we have unique process guarantees for controlling the processing deformation and oxidation size variation of metal or plastic. The engineering and technical team is very familiar with the characteristics of various metal and plastic materials. Before processing, we set a reasonable processing process based on the material characteristics to ensure that the processed products meet the requirements of the drawings.
In addition, the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, AS9100D aviation quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and a number of NADCAP special process certifications. With superb technology, efficient work efficiency and high-quality services, it has won the praise of many internationally renowned customers in more than 20 countries around the world.

Production Capacity

After continuous development, Elimold has become an industry benchmark in the field of precision machining, surface treatment and assembly in the UAV industry. It is able to produce various complex parts in the UAV field and has sufficient production capacity to meet the flexible needs of customers.
We can meet the various needs of customers from prototype manufacturing, small batch trial production to mass production. Our market is mainly focused on processing and assembly with high complexity and high precision requirements. Through a complete ERP/MES system, we manage customer needs from forecasting to delivery, ensure that products can be produced as planned, delivered on time, and provide emergency response needs in a short time according to customer needs. The ERP/MES system also helps support our lean production environment plan to ensure the competitiveness of product prices.

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CNC Carbon Fiber Parts for Uav Drones Controlled Remote Camera Drone CNC Parts

We manufacture custom parts for a variety of drone applications

CNC machining is essential in drone manufacturing, where the production of high-precision and complex parts is critical to the performance and reliability of the drone. This process uses computer-controlled precision machine tools and is essential for manufacturing specific parts with precise tolerances.

  • Micro Air Vehicles
  • Propellers
  • Wings
  • Rotors
  • VTOL Vehicles
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Military
  • Delivery
  • Cinema and Production
  • Racing and Competition
  • Quad-Rotor Helicopters
  • Blimps

Wide Selection of Materials

We offer parts made from aerospace-grade materials, utilizing CNC machining solutions to reduce weight.

  • Aluminum
  • Spring Stee
  • Fiberglas
  • PTFE
  • Brass
  • Titanium
  • Polycarbonate
  • Rubber
  • Copper
  • ceta
  • Polyethylene
  • NBR Nitrile
  • Polypropylen
  • Neoprene
  • stainless Stp
  • Carbon Fiber
  • olvstyrene
  • Silicone
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Post-Processing Capabilities

  • Anodizing
  • Passivization
  • Electroplating
  • Powder Coating
  • Insert Installation
  • Heat Treatment
carbon fibre drone parts

Let our experienced specialists guide you through a seamless process for a successful project realization

Looking for high-quality, precise methods to manufacture UAV parts? Start your breakthrough journey in UAV CNC machining prototyping and volume manufacturing of precision parts with Elimold. Get a quote now.