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CNC Boring Services

Elimold offers a variety of Boring services including horizontal pull Boring, vertical Boring and single point Boring. Our team of experts are equipped with the latest technology, training and capabilities to provide optimal dimensions, straightness and overall accuracy for any application.

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Elimold’s team of engineers specializes in CNC boring technology to deliver maximum cutting and efficiency in our ISO 9001:2015 certified CNC machining shop. Our engineers are equipped to boring materials in a variety of grades and sizes up to 45 Rc steel and will leave 0.050 inches of stock remaining for honing to meet all standard, metric or oversize requirements.
Our machines can handle boring operations on parts of almost any shape, size and material. They provide precise positioning, precise circular holes and the high quality surface finish that customers require. Elimold is capable of performing many types of boring operations, such as straight holes, tapered holes, tapered holes, eccentric holes, etc. Our process also enables the straightest inside diameter, improved wall thickness and improved surface finish by enlarging and finishing the hole with greater precision. The process also allows faster removal of all stock in one pass, ideal for smaller diameter applications and leaves a high-quality surface finish.
Our team who perform drilling operations on lathes have many years of experience and can meet your requirements. We keep up with ever-changing technological advancements and diverse customer needs to ensure we always meet your greatest needs.

Industrial boring capabilities

Our drilling equipment includes automatic lathes and horizontal boring and milling machines.
We have the ability to machine workpieces measuring 48″ long x 24″ high x 24″ wide with a workpiece load of 6600 lbs. Typical tolerance is 0.0001 inch. Our production capabilities include full-volume production, low-volume production and prototype production – all in compliance with our high-quality precision standards.
Our custom machined parts meet the high industry standards set by the American Fastener Association, ASME and Mil-Spec, ensuring your part will meet your exact requirements and perform as expected in the finished product.
Elimold has a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality custom machine parts to its customers and is committed to providing each customer with a custom solution suitable for their application.

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The purpose of boring operations

Boring typically increases the overall size of the hole by changing the inside diameter, while achieving straightness and accuracy. Boring often results in holes that are uneven, out of round, and sometimes “off” in position. It then needs to be drawn to the exact size and position through a boring operation. Boring can be used for roughing or final finishing, depending on the need. We can make even the tiniest cuts to ensure exact dimensions.

Main advantages of boring

Accuracy: These technologies provide high levels of accuracy and consistency, ensuring complex designs and tight tolerances are achieved.
Versatility: Milling and boring machines can create a variety of shapes, sizes and features on workpieces, making them suitable for a variety of applications.
Efficiency: These methods are very efficient for batch production because they allow multiple features to be machined simultaneously.

CNC bore machining

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Whether you are manufacturing components for machinery, aerospace or other industries, boring technology provides the precision and versatility needed to meet demanding requirements. You can leverage Elimold’s precision CNC boring service capabilities to improve the quality of metal processing and drive innovation across a variety of applications. Contact us today to help you.