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Vertical CNC Machining Services

Elimold is committed to providing high-quality machining services and prides itself on its ability to produce parts that meet our customers’ most stringent requirements. They work closely with clients to ensure their needs are met and that each project is completed on time and within budget. Whether you require a single prototype or large-scale production, our vertical machining services can help you meet your machining needs.

Manufacturer of Custom Precision Parts

Elimold provides precision CNC vertical machining services to industries ranging from automotive to construction. Whether you need raw materials or fully machined metal parts, our efficient CNC machining services and wholesale metal supplies can save you time and money.
We have a full range of vertical and horizontal machining centers, including 5-axis CNC vertical mills, in a wide range of configurations and sizes to meet a variety of manufacturing needs, with vertical machining processes including drilling, tapping, boring, countersinking, and grooving And face milling. Elimold’s experts will help you design and manufacture custom precision parts with impressive technology and extensive CNC vertical machining experience.

Vertical CNC Machining parts
Vertical CNC Machining part

Vertical Machining Capabilities

Elimold can perform CNC vertical machining services as well as production of large parts and large metal machining, and can machine parts weighing up to 240,000 pounds. Providing a wide range of CNC and heavy-duty vertical milling services to a wide range of industries in all regions of the world, including power generation, machine tool builders, mining, military and marine. We perform boring, drilling, milling and tapping operations. Our vertical overhead gantry machines offer the most versatile machining services we offer, allowing for 5-sided machining operations in one setup.
Our specialty is shop machining, machining parts from 1 to 10 units to customer specifications. With extensive 3+2 axis machining capabilities, CNC controls and MasterCam software, we can machine parts to exact specifications with tight tolerances up to +/- 0.0002″.

What is CNC Vertical Machining?

CNC Vertical Machining involves CNC milling operations performed with a vertical milling machine. As the name implies, these machines have vertically oriented tooling. This design allows them to be applied to end milling operations that use peripheral and surface-toothed tools.

Vertical milling is an ideal strategy for the fabrication of high-quality and accurate components for a range of industries including automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical, and many more. Easier setup in CNC vertical machining makes it a good alternative option for prototype applications.

It’s well suited to create the following things:

  • Box-type parts such as gearboxes, spindle boxes, gear pump shells, and engine blocks.
  • Intricately curved parts such as engine impellers, cams, mold cavities, and propellers.
  • Irregular or special parts such as bases and brackets.
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What are the advantages of CNC vertical machining?

CNC vertical machine tools are becoming more and more popular due to their efficiency and high production levels. Advantages of a vertical machining center (HMC):

  • Efficient processing times: Vertical machines can exchange pallets, reducing delays between processing cycles. In fact, multiple different components can be completed in a single cycle, saving time and floor space.
  • Fast machining: Vertical machines are generally better suited for smaller, faster machining jobs than horizontal machines.
  • Production benefits: Greater visibility means easier operation. This makes the vertical machine ideal for larger, less complex projects and lower quantities

Applications of Vertical CNC Machining Center

Depending on its advantages and good performance, CNC vertical machining centers can be used in machinery manufacturing industries that require high precision and mass production, including automotive, aerospace, electronic appliances, instrumentation, handicrafts, mold making, textile, military products, etc. A VMC is well suited to process workpieces with high precision, multiple procedures, and complicated shapes.

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Responsive processing

Elimold places great emphasis on its unique “Responsive Machining” consulting process, which is the cornerstone of its commitment to delivering superior precision and accuracy on every project. Central to this approach is the thorough inspection of client submitted prints. The company’s dedication to responsiveness ensures every project is scrutinized with meticulous care, ensuring all specifications are thoroughly understood and incorporated into the machining process.

This commitment to a “responsive processing” philosophy is designed to benefit customers by not only meeting their expectations, but exceeding them. The iterative nature of the consulting process allows for as many adjustments and improvements as needed to ensure the final product fully meets the client’s specifications. This iterative improvement not only improves the accuracy of machined parts, but also contributes to significant cost savings per part.

By actively engaging with customers throughout the machining consultation process, Elimold has established a collaborative environment where feedback is welcomed and adjustments are seamlessly integrated. This approach not only streamlines the production process, it also minimizes the possibility of errors or misunderstandings, ultimately helping to achieve more efficient and cost-effective results.

In essence, Elimold’s commitment to “responsive processing” goes beyond traditional service models. It embodies the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness and precision in every aspect of the machining process. Customers can trust that their projects are in capable hands, and that the combination of expertise, responsiveness and attention to detail will result in high-quality, precision machined parts.

Get vertical CNC part machining solutions that can grow your product business.

No matter what industry you are in, if you need a metal supply partner, consider working with Elimold for high-quality precision vertical CNC machining and a reliable supply chain.