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How to Collaborate with CNC Custom Manufacturing Service Providers in China

The primary purpose of this article is to serve as a reference for readers who need to collaborate with CNC manufacturing factories in China. We hope this article will help businesses and individuals who have not yet found a suitable (in terms of price, service quality, part quality, etc.) manufacturing service provider to collaborate with, gain a deeper understanding and trust, and find the right partner factory.

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As a professional in the industry, you know that China is the only country with a complete industrial chain, making it the global leader in manufacturing. This is no exception in CNC machining, where China is an important participant in the related industrial chain. There are thousands of factories in China specializing in CNC machining, rapid prototyping, and hand model production, all of which have various advantages: professional equipment, experienced staff, and specialized knowledge. This has enabled our business to serve both the Chinese market and the global industrial market, helping numerous overseas companies solve the problem of custom parts. Among these CNC machining companies, some serve only overseas markets outside China. Elimold is one of them. This article will guide you through the reasons for outsourcing CNC machined parts to Chinese companies and how to choose the right Chinese CNC precision machining manufacturer.

Why collaborate with CNC machining factories in China? 

First, let’s consider a question: Why do companies consider using external CNC machining services or rapid prototype manufacturing services? By now, you already have an answer in mind – that is the ever-increasing cost. The key reason companies seek external processing service providers for custom parts is cost. This cost includes machine cost, site cost, labor cost, and employee training cost. These are all obstacles to companies that require custom parts to build their own CNC parts and custom manufacturing factories.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, the market price of the most advanced CNC machine systems, post-processing systems, and other industrial equipment is extremely high, with prohibitively expensive costs. In addition, companies also need to recruit and train personnel. CNC machining is a complex process that requires specialized training to complete high-precision parts processing. This means the company’s team must have highly skilled, professionally trained CNC operators to be competent.

Considering all factors, collaborating with external CNC machining workshops becomes the only choice. Companies do not need to invest much time and money in expensive hardware when working with external partners. By outsourcing CNC machining work to professional services, companies can take advantage of the technology without incurring labor and training costs associated with the process. At the same time, companies can leverage integrated supply chain management, combining their strengths to bring products to market quickly and achieve strategic market dominance.

Why Outsource Rapid CNC Machining Business to Chinese Companies?

In the traditional machining field, many countries worldwide are affected by the completeness of the industrial chain, resulting in high prices for traditional domestic manufacturing companies. Reasons include the impact of various factors such as raw material costs, labor costs, and profit margins. The benefits of collaborating with Chinese rapid prototyping companies are: reducing product processing costs while strengthening cooperation with external CNC machining service providers. This can help businesses establish a stable parts supply chain.

More importantly, the disadvantages of outsourcing custom parts processing to China have become less significant. In the past, many unfriendly incidents occurred due to communication and other factors. However, today, through internet communication, not only can real-time communication be achieved, but the entire parts processing process can also be easily tracked through webcams as if living next door.

Furthermore, China has taken significant measures to improve relevant intellectual property protection laws, meaning customers can confidently entrust their designed parts to Chinese CNC machining factories for production and manufacturing.

Lastly, the main reason for China’s increasingly strong position in the CNC machining, rapid prototyping, hand model, and rapid mold market is our service quality, processed part quality, and years of accumulated experience in processing highly difficult parts across various industries. In particular, the level of CNC operating skills and high processing efficiency has become our competitive advantages. To sum it up in one sentence: Rapid machining services and fast delivery options mean that quick turnaround can be achieved even over long distances.

Despite these general benefits of collaborating with Chinese CNC machining companies, there are still many factors that can help customers screen and choose which rapid prototyping workshop to work with.

How to Choose the Right CNC Machining Factory in China?

With many CNC machining factories distributed across China, a manufacturing powerhouse, choosing the right CNC machining factory has become a challenge for procurement and engineering professionals. Companies spend a lot of time and effort assessing potential partners each year. Today, Elimold offers the following points for your reference.

1. CNC machining factories should have high-precision CNC machining equipment. To some extent, equipment determines a company’s processing capabilities. Only with the corresponding equipment can a company train and undertake corresponding businesses. In CNC machining equipment, three-axis machines are generally suitable for processing simple products. In contrast, multi-axis equipment such as four-axis and five-axis machines can process multi-faceted or curved products. However, the cost of multi-axis machining is higher than that of three-axis machining.

2. Machining equipment alone is insufficient; CNC machining factories must also have comprehensive inspection equipment. For dimension inspection, there are calipers, micrometers, height gauges, 2D measuring instruments, and coordinate measuring machines; for surface inspection, there are surface roughness testers; for material composition inspection, there are spectrometers; for hole diameter and thread inspection, there are pin gauges and plug gauges. Additionally, look for ISO certification, like Elimold.

3. Check if the factory has experienced CNC equipment operators and engineers in the industry for many years. A strong CNC machining company will have technical personnel with at least ten years of experience. In CNC machining, the experience can solve many problems related to part design, material use, and processing. Especially for startups, collaborating with such companies can save time and money.

4. Good factory management and service philosophy are essential. New product development inevitably involves design modifications and small detail changes, requiring close cooperation with the CNC machining factory to produce high-quality products and provide customers with different quality levels at the same cost.

Comprehensive machining equipment, various inspection equipment, and attentive service will ensure the smooth progress of your project, saving time and effort. If you encounter any issues while finding a CNC machining factory, whether it’s factory inspection, process, or technical issues, feel free to consult Elimold.


In conclusion, after reading this article, you should understand why you should cooperate with Chinese CNC machining service providers. Collaborating with us can save costs for both rapid prototyping and custom part batch processing. Additionally, you will learn how to choose the right Chinese CNC machining company for in-depth cooperation.

Lastly, I recommend Elimold – a leading platform for rapid prototyping and custom manufacturing. With Elimold, you can get free quotes, manufacturing design analysis, and professional engineering advice. Simply send your design files and specify your requirements, and we will contact you as soon as possible within an hour.

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