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The injection molding technology of liquid silicone products solves the production problems of medical silicone products.

After years of development, the production technology of the silicone industry has become increasingly mature. Many products can be made of silica gel, and the tolerance size of the produced products can be controlled within a small range, which can meet the needs of customers. Extrusion and molding are two very mature processes in the production of silicone products, which can make perfect products according to customer needs.


But at present, customers have higher and higher requirements for the quality of silicone products. For some complex products, it is also difficult to achieve product production using the two processes of molding and extrusion. With the continuous efforts of engineers, they created a new production technology of silicone liquid injection molding technology. The injection molding technology of liquid silicone products has the advantages of high production efficiency and high dimensional accuracy of products, and solves the difficult product production problems that are difficult to solve by molding and extrusion technology. The production of many medical silicone products has begun to use the liquid injection molding process. The high cost of mold opening and high production cost are the disadvantages of this technology that cannot be ignored. However, for medical silicone products with high quality requirements, the mold cost is not a problem, and the quality of the product is the key.

In addition, the injection molding technology of liquid silicone products has excellent mechanical properties and fatigue strength, and the material is soft and comfortable. It can be processed into respiratory masks, respiratory bellows, handles, seals and valves through injection molding and compression molding.

Silicone elastomers are widely used in many highly sensitive fields

breathing mask

Respirators must conform to the contours of the face and be comfortable to wear, and the product must have long-lasting elasticity and flexibility. Therefore, silicone elastomers are the most suitable materials for the production of respiratory masks. In addition, silicone elastomers also have the following advantages: no plasticizers, high durability and wear resistance, can be worn multiple times, and easily sterilized. The application of injection molding process can quickly realize low-cost and mass production of silicone rubber respiratory masks and support pads.

Nasal Cannula – Gentle and Safe

In the field of medical technology, the most sensitive users of silicones are undoubtedly babies. The nasal cannula made of silicone elastomer and made of ultra-soft hardness, combined with high-tech equipment, allows babies to breathe better and reassures parents from the first moment of life.

breathing bellows

Liquid and solid silicone rubbers processed by injection moulding or compression moulding are also used in the production of breathing bellows. Such breathing bellows not only have excellent elasticity and resilience, but also have good biocompatibility.

conduit hose

To ensure optimal patient care, the catheter tubing must be extremely soft and flexible. Extrudable solid silicone rubber is particularly suitable for the production of biocompatible and highly elastic catheters. Its smooth surface provides excellent catheter tolerance, reduces the risk of scabbing and biofilm formation, and is also effective in preventing irritation and allergic reactions.


Handles for surgical instruments

Liquid and solid silicone rubber ensures that surgical instrument handles are comfortable to the touch, re-sterilizable, and have a long service life. Another advantage that cannot be ignored is that the silicone can be dyed with pigment paste. This allows the handle to be coloured to make it easier to distinguish which person and/or equipment it belongs to, ensuring that it returns to its original owner after disinfection.

Seals, Valves, Filters and Diaphragms

Liquid and solid silicone rubbers that can be processed by injection molding or compression molding ensure that seals and valves can withstand high loads, seal and be safe for sterilization. Silicone seals for single-use syringes and insulin pumps evenly control the dose of active ingredients. Silicone elastomers are used in needle-free injection systems as septums that can withstand high loads, have excellent elasticity, and seal.


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Elimold specializes in the design, production and sales of silicone products, rubber products, liquid silicone products, silicone encapsulated products and other products. Elimold will choose the most suitable processing method according to the customer’s product characteristics, so that customers can obtain both quality and cost savings.

The high-quality silicone elastomers in the product line produced and sold by Elimold have the advantages of easy sterilization, excellent chemical and physical stability, and no need to add additional stabilizers, and have broad development prospects in the field of medical technology.

The Elimold brand offers a wide range of silicone solutions for innovative products in everyday medical care. Silicone elastomers can provide silicone solutions for the production of respiratory masks, hoses, medical handles and other products, providing safe and reliable solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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